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Sports tattoos tell me so much more about people than just what team they like (20 Photos)

  • brian

    god i fucking hate boston everything so much!!! this is amazing #6

  • GoBlue728

    #10 looks like Brutus is pissin' out his belly button…must not have a penis.

  • BostonDominance

    #6 because we own you

  • my name is B

    #12 and #18
    yur red neck is showing.:x

  • Kalib Evink

    #20 FAIL! cant have the KC Royals tattoo on the shoulder with the NY Yankees on the back lol

  • Greg

    Color me surprised that there is a piece of trash from ohio on there

  • Short Bus All Stars

    #12 is just gross … could've gone without seeing that .. surprise surprise it's a nascar fan … and #10 is just a fail …. what the hell is he pissing out of? his chest?

  • that guy

    # 12 mega FAIL!!! and you owe me a six pack that I just threw up!!!

  • NoFear213

    Go Raiders!!

  • Anonymous

    #12 stretched NASCAR WTF

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