Chinese water parks look cozy (9 Photos)

  • name here

    #5 they're not even asian

  • jww

    blue (water) + yellow (pee) = green chinese water *shuddera*

  • Roy Plaizier

    it makes me think of a southpark episode.

    "there are too many minoooooriiiiitieeeeeees… at my waterpaaaaaark"

  • Logan

    I bet I could diddle some little girls clit in there and not get caught this time!

  • fat mike

    #9 find her!!!!

  • Mike

    Lots of pee in that pool!!!

  • Avery

    #3 …. and the one teenaged lifeguard.

  • BoobieWatcher

    Rooks Rike Rots of Run….

  • saunge

    so how many people drowned that day?

  • Miles Davis

    I see a lot of sexual assault cases starting up

  • HardCoreMike

    I knew I should have bought stock in CHLORINE!!! Holy shit, they must need a shit-ton to keep this pool… oh wait… not possible.

  • pip420


  • I.Glove

    #1 Challenge Accepted

  • Michael

    It’s sad because this is the most personal space they get all day.

  • thom

    Chinese waterpark is Chinese.

  • Birdhaus32

    #5 & #6 WHY IS THE WATER GREEN?! Do they not believe in chlorine??

  • Steve-Hole

    Herro? Herro? Herrrrooooo?

  • Rick

    Chocolate Payday:
    With all the ppl stuck in the middle I wonder how many chocolate paydays are floating around.

  • aleneoliverson

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  • knotmee
  • Michael Ricketts


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  • sc23

    You can see the water in #3 and #5. It is yellow-green. Im pretty certain thats piss and puss.

  • Flathead

    I feer ronery, so ronery.

  • FoCoLivin

    You'd have a pretty hard time finding your kid if he got lost. They all look the same….swimmers, not Chinese people.

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