Chinese water parks look cozy (9 Photos)

  • Mark

    Someone probably drowned and is just underneath all of the people there..

  • Chicago_Animal

    Weird without Mexicans in white t-shirts in the water.

  • Guangzhou

    Sorry, I live in China and go to our local waterpark all the time. It looks NOTHING like this.

  • Guest

    How do you find your kids in a place that crowded … I mean every one basically looks the same

  • obobo

    #8 When the pool is cleared out there has to be like 3 or 4 bodies left floating around. cause of death is drowning in urine

  • Sheng

    Bear Grylls’s guilty pleasure

  • M Skuse

    You could bust a nut in any of those and end up impregnating 100 women.

  • atlantaburning

    7 Billion people and counting. Hey God, time for a global pandemic..

  • Benjamin Finlay

    i wonder how many people drown there?

  • Bradlay

    isnt this a scene from minority report?

  • Bob

    #5…Cheerleaders?? What the fuck??

  • krisna

    reminds me of Fruit Loops cereal.

  • Beauty in the rough

    They can't even move! Why not avoid the crowd and dump a cup of toilet water over your head and call it a day.

  • Carl

    i got an infection just by looking at it ewwwww.

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