Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Marine

    #45 Good luck over there! Come back to her, ya understand me?
    Outstanding. OOOHRAH!

  • CrewDawgSteve

    #45 Wins the DAR for man-points.

  • Johnny

    #41 your cat is slowly stealing your baby's soul

  • mrselfdizstruct

    #14 wanna poke a hot ass

  • dOOb

    #45 this man is a HERO

  • tkc

    Ummm, he did pull a gun in that scene in Gran Torino.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

      No, he pulled a lighter.

  • Pft

    #36 he has a fucking gun in his waist you retard.

  • jdb

    #41 Nope it's waiting to steal her sooouuuullll!!

  • cheezebits

    #40 Made me laugh while eating pizza pops, so now my monitor is covered. Still hilarious.

  • gil

    41: there can be only one!

  • Lou

    #22 I'd stay away from the armadillo meat and milk. There is a crossover between humans and armadillos with regard to leprosy. Which means you can catch it from them. So no more stopping the car and having someone watch for you while you, well you know where I am going.

  • OldNads

    #27 rubbing off the left-overs on that damp towel.

  • Steely Dan

    #41 That's not gaurding, that's called 'plotting to murder'.

  • Bob

    #4…It could be both, but they are getting more retarded faster than you're aging.
    #14…Poke-a-hot-ass. GET IT?!?! But seriously, this girl is really attractive.
    #41…No, she's slowly stealing the breath out of her.
    #42…Never. Gets. Old.
    #44…No it wasn't.

  • badgerfanz@wi.r.rcom

    #19 – Love Wisconsin ……….most bars – most drunks and best partying in Madison during a Badger Game!

  • dino

    #42, your sausage and meatballs are ready….. ALWAYS!

  • Jack

    #49 I would lick the $&@) out of her panties

  • Andy Gonzo

    While being very true, it is still up to the establishment to allow a minor to consume alcohol. Most bar’s will not serve minors these days regardless of that law.

  • Fleeb

    #40 Solid

  • Silky


  • konaehukai

    #13. Yup that's my dog too.

  • Pioneeri

    #45 First in and last out!

  • Anonymous

    I want his job…. #10

  • Reizorc

    I want his job!! #10

  • Chive on

    #45 Good luck over there. Keep your head hi and your heart in the right place. You will be fine.

    Semper Fi brother.


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