Hilarious soccer dives (12 GIFs)

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  • http://theadventuresofjim.wordpress.com/ theAdventuresOfJim

    i find it funny when people call it flopping, it sounds funny when put like that. he dived.

    • Ray

      He dove***

  • That Guy

    that shit happens all the time in the NFL. Hanesworth stepped on a players face a few years back. you can't compare the two sports accurately. you are just showing your stupidity if you are trying to say that soccer players are tougher or can be as tough as football players. that's just stupid.

    • LeMac

      Hey, just dropping by to say that you're the worst.

      • That Guy

        thanks. but i didn't get you anything. what's this in my shirt pocket? mln i got it at target. it's real nice.

    • Jean

      Shut up monkey!!!

  • Kurosan

    Soccer is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans, rugby is a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen

  • Macho man

    Two things you can always count on when the Chive makes a Soccer post.

    Americans saying it sucks.

    Europeans trying to justify their sport.

  • Andy

    Losers playing a sport for losers

  • Graham

    What a pack of wusses, this is why soccer sux all are prima donnas and paid big bucks bloody pussies

  • Divingcreampuffhater

    This isn’t even funny. It’s so pathetic and lame that I actually get sad watching them. And soccer fans wonder why nobody takes it seriously. And don’t use that “most popular sport” line. It’s only the most popular sport because even the most poorly educated people can understand it and all you need it a ball(or a rock) and ground. Use your hands you hippies!!

  • yep

    Can we see some NBA flops now? You know, when the 6.11" center gets bumped into by the 6.2" guard and acts like he just got hit by a truck. See Vlade Divac clips to see what I'm talking about. Plenty of players taking dives in the NHL too. Face it, deception and getting a referee's call is part of any sport. Soccer/football has the worst rep for it though.

  • Tucker

    This just goes to show that soccer is shit, it's like rugby minus all the good parts and with some gay acting sprinkled on top.

  • Anonymous

    Taos, NM USA

  • Jeff

    Theres pretty much no question at this point. Soccer is for pansies.

  • tjl

    roy keane

    if you need any more help just look at roy keane juventus. man mission

  • mns

    13 reasons not to take this 'sport' seriously.

  • MrChoco

    #5 and #6 weren't dives, they tripped themselves although #6 looks like Torres thought he was tripped and was looking for the call.

    #9 Was actually making fun of the guy he kneed…Calling him a diver….
    #13 is facking pathetic and like mentioned before a disgrace to the sport….

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  • yoselahonda

    The worst offenders tend to be anyone by the first name of Danielle or the last name Di Rossi, or anyone who is now or ever has played for the Italian national team. The worst thing is since there is only one ref on the field and the other 3 are so far removed from the action that so many of these dives actually work out.

  • chong

    They ARE the best actors.

  • Ryan

    tell that to the Timbers fans.

  • MacNCheesePro

    I knew I hated the soccer preppies in high school for a reason. Bunch of fake ass pussies.

  • fred

    People on here are ridiculous, anyone who has ever watched the beautiful game or played it will know that diving is frowned upon in the sport and rarely happens. Just because you can make a GIF posting of a few players diving or tripping over themselves does not mean the whole sport is made up of pussies which is a stupid comment to make in the first place.

  • Brad

    Love the game, hate these wankers. Instant replay and yellow card any dive

  • Varun

    Thats why I stick to cricket! A proper sport for gentlemen!

  • andy

    um did anyone complain when lebron james dove up and down the court in the playoffs?

    football is the most physically demanding activity this side of genocide

  • http://BeerAndStupidity.blogspot.com/ BeerAndStupidity

    Acting Masterclass…

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