Hilarious soccer dives (12 GIFs)

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  • joe

    This is why we Americans will NEVER take soccer seriously………….

  • Danarchy

    I gotta start watching Soccer this shit is hilarious!

  • Da Sandman

    chive, i suggest you stop posting things about football (soccer)… it only makes the flame war worse. Americans will never get that it's not a gay sport and that we, europeans, also hate it when players dive… that's just the way it is and it's going to stay like that until the FIFA decides to let referees look at the slow mo's to decide wether or not the player dived.

  • Hich

    Seriously, f*** this sport. I feel bad for people who DO play it well, and treat it seriously, because people like this just ruin it.

  • DMan

    New Title: Worlds Greatest Athletes OR actors!

  • Jack the Mack
  • wkdfrog

    #6 Hilarious dive by the big girl Torres

  • adamcoasttocoast

    yet another nail in soccer's coffin

  • crackz

    american football players whine that they're only getting 12 million dollars, and refuse to play…buncha 3 year olds.. just sayin'

  • drew

    what movie is number 4 from?

  • Mike Honcho

    Soccer has turned into Pro Wrestling.

  • Julio Loya

    What I dont understand is why in American Football , when a player makes a play he Celebrates like he won the game? even thoug his team is loosing badly!!!!!

  • therenegaderacer

    12 reasons why Rugby is better.
    Seriously, Rugby is like boxing… without gloves… while sprinting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ouroboros.Smith Michael Elliott

    I'm from England and I love football (soccer) but the cheating, diving B@{T@RD{ do ruin the game soewhat. Luckily in England it's not as prevalent, it's more of a continental Europe thing although, #5 is a U.S player falling over his own feet, gravity is such a bitch!!

  • Enn.

    Several of these … uh … aren't actually dives.

    1/2 probably is – but it looks like #18 catches him on the heel right as he's winding up for a kick. But probably a dive, at least in the exaggeration
    4 – looks like the guy pulled a hammy, wasn't simulating contact
    5 – he just tripped over his own two feet, not simulating contact
    6 – it looks like #13 does clip Torres – notice 13's reaction, like he just stepped on something. Again, I think there might be exaggeration there – so kindofa dive, but it looks more like that little incidental contact caused him to change his gait and trip; imagine running along at 3/4 speed and someone gives you a flat….
    7 – wtf
    8 – is the clearest dive
    9 – I'm not sure which is the "most hilarious" dive. #3 flops over #20s leg with some exaggeration; #20's "dive" is in protest of #3 – though had #3 barrelled through, #20 would have appreciated the thigh to groin contact a lot less….
    10 & 11 – what's up with the pathetic head butts
    12 – clear exaggeration in the wrong part of the body
    13 – cute

    I mean, I don't like dives, either – they're pathetic – but several of these aren't dives/simulation and are mostly exaggeration – and as a collection, there are a ton that are worse.

    And part of the exaggeration, I think, is caused by the fact that there is one official on the field – who may be yards away. Someone makes contact with you in an illegal way – like in pic 6 – and in order to get the official to notice it – you (feel) you have to exaggerate it. You want to tell me this doesn't happen in American football? Guys getting held the hold game and finally exaggerates a hold so the refs actually see it this time?

  • http://www.facebook.com/vuyeed.eq2 Eric Minton

    and this my friends is why Americans can't get into soccer…

  • whatnow

    SPORTS ARE SRS BSNS!!!11!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!3

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  • CaptainStag

    #13 Oh yeah we all know who you are don't we, you little shit…

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  • Tefanovich

    "This is why its not a ´merican sport!" Come one man… Try to see FOOTBALL (not fucking soccer..) in England. Premier League.

  • nishant

    The videos no. 5 and 6 are not of players diving. They tripped themselves which can happen to anyone even while walking.

  • Frill Artist

    In #6, Fernando Torres went down like he had been shot by a bolt action rifle from close range.

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