Hilarious soccer dives (12 GIFs)

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  • Anonymous

    its not soccer its football its a great sport

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  • 1237

    busquets is a scumbag

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    […] You hear all the times fans of soccer in the US complaining about diving in soccer. Some say that’s why the sport is not popular here in America. I say it’s because soccer is not Football and Football will always be number 1 in America, with Baseball being close second. I do agree that leagues like the MLS needs to cut down on diving. Here is a post I just found that shows the top Gif of the best dives ever. #13 is my favorite.  Watch it here. […]

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  • EA Ghost

    just a quick clear up, Torres' ridiculous looking dive is actually legitimate contact (shocking, I know.) In this clip you see he kicks the back of his own leg, but from a different angle you see why: his heel had tipped the Chilean players knee, throwing it off course and into his supporting leg, making him look hilariously like the worst diver ever. It was all unintentional, but yeah, thats what happened. Still, the red card that came from it was out of line.

    And about this in general: The only way I've thought of to stop diving is to make clubs pay for it, post game. So, if a play is reviewed and a dive is decided, it costs a player being benched the next game or something. Other than that, some players have become adept at forcing contact, and are very willing to take the chance of a yellow for a convenient foul.

  • njgh cvbfx

    They need to bring back Tudor times football…

    That'll sort out the pussies.

  • kessel81

    wow not a single one with Cristiano Ronaldo

  • http://letsfootballonline.blogspot.com azeem

    lol what a funny scenes 😀 i wanna ask you the site owner that can i copy these images ?

  • Serkan

    Haha Americans are pure ignorant pricks. World doesn't care what you guys think about football. Stick with your sport that doesn't require any kind of special skills. It doesn't even have a proper name but you guys also call it football.

    On the other side I love Hockey and have a lot of respect for Canadians and Russians for being best at.

    Anyways stick with your muscle head, no brains sport. Because nobody else in the world cares about your NFL. Oh make sure to wear lots of pads and protection. Pump up those muscles, no need for brains as we all know NFL players are retards.

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