It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (33 Photos)

For more, check out the great Very Demotivational.

  • snowbird


    Dont get it.

    • Merc

      Well considering that football (soccer) is 12 a side… You do the math.

      • sss

        It's actually 11

        • JerkFace

          No one cares ass clown

      • stolen_art

        12? One too many there, champ

      • Keep count

        11 Douche!

      • TITO

        11 a side dude. You do the math

      • Fasteddy14

        11 and it is Soccer, you jerkoff!!!

        • theederv

          Actually you jerkoff, the rest of the world know the game as Football, especially in England where it originated from medievil people gathering together to kick an inflated pigs bladder around the town. It's only in the US that the term Soccer is used. Ironic as American Football rarely ever uses the foot. Your argument is invalid.

          • Mister H.


          • whirrrrr

            Now I call it "football" like other normal people, but I have to admit, "pigs bladder-ball" would make a far more marketable sport.

          • CoolFacts

            You know what's really ironic? The term soccer came from England as a slang word for football…so blame England that Americans call it soccer.

            • whirrrrr

              Wow! The eEglish invented a word in the English language! What were the odds!

          • Randy Gallegos

            according to this article it wasnt invented in England, but you are dead on about the "soccer" term origin.

          • lolwut

            Actually it's called football in America because it is played on foot and not on horseback like many sports used to be played. Your argument is invalid.

      • pedro

        I don't know what football you play, but usually is 11-a-side

    • shaunvw

      Quite simple really….Chinese breed more than rabbits

      • bab

        not really…someone didn't pay attention in class when they were teaching exponential growth.

    • Kimbaland

      It's Real Madrid vs. 109 kids in GuangZhou China‬‏

    • Helmet4

      In other news….who cares

  • cpt. awesome


    what the hell is wrong with her right foot?

    • @dagleja3

      She's a hobbit.

      • The Real LG

        She has got nothing on me when it comes to feet. B)

    • GernBlansten

      Looks like she is suffering from a bad case of shadow foot.

    • SKEWED

      Same thing that's wrong with her left side…

    • Smoke Dogg

      The hell is wrong with you? Why are you looking at her foot?

      • BSS

        Thank you. I didn't even notice she had feet.

    • snoobs89

      it's not in the kitchen.

      • johanhelavecka

        That's getting kinda old…

        • Juan Juan


  • EasternCanuck

    #10… WHY?

  • @dagleja3

    #1, you've got at least get a frig in there to keep that soda cold!!

    • Underbaker

      You could just put ice in the bathtub and raise the table a little higher please.

      • dip


    • Zephi

      Really, when you sink so low as to play games by the sink, a cold soda isn't so high on your priorities.
      Won't get up to shit, won't get up for fridge.
      I'm betting the not getting up for the fridge milestone was passed first…

  • SkyVader

    #21 – Truth.

    • SocialPro

      I socialize by insulting men, and women, and I do mean it. So, fuck you.

    • Oliviawildefan

      ''Socialising not so hard once you know how to''

      -Fortunately, you dont need to spell when 'Socializing'

      • onthecontrary

        Lrn 2 British-spell, n00b!


    Somebody is on the ball today! "FLBP" and "It's Monday, you could use some motivation" up and ready to go in the morning…. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS!?

    • puuhhllss

      Get a life.

      • _bigdeal

        fuck off

  • shaunvw

    Is it weird that #20 is making me hungry?

    • sarcasm

      is it weird that its making me horny?

  • ????

    #12 troyans?

    • hMMMM

      Pitt was a Greek in that movie

    • its_forge

      If he'd said "Trojans" the comment thread on cheezburger would have been nothing but people giggling about condoms.

    • Juanito

      It's Trojans, in Spanish.

      • N1njaCodeMonkey

        And in English.

    • mackin

      Troyans are, apparently, the Trojans who had planes. They spent much of their time socialising. (see what I did there?)

      • b.o.l

        No, I do not

  • xDV8x

    #12 Trojans

    • potzy

      Indeed, "Troyan" is used to refer to an occupant of Troy in Bulgaria, trojan is used for Troy in Hungary I believe.

  • Kevin

    #12 Lol at "Troyans"

  • AssClown

    #1 Yeah of course, theChive is addictive as hell!!

  • Smoke Dogg

    #12 Troyans . . . Inferior spelling!!

    • matt

      yeh, shouldn't that be Trojans??

  • Feaks

    #7 Pine nuts. Actually seeds.

    • its_forge

      Aren't most nuts actually seeds? But yeah, this demotivational is kind of a fail, since pine nuts aren't technically nuts.

  • Smoke Dogg

    #25 Gay Parking . . . Yes you did do it.

    • shaka

      You had a gay lunch if your lunch consisted of someones cock in your mouth.

    • theederv

      I believe the term for gay parking in actually 'Docking' go google it.


    #25 Must not have taken your Prius to Atlanta Bread Co. today!

    • DaddyD

      I don't usually approve of Gay-bashing, but this post is funny.

    • Lance

      LOL. Does it run on strawberry douche?

  • maggiemay13

    #26 Love me some Doctor Who.

  • meh to the max

    not even one chuckle escaped my bowels…..lame

    • brokeneggshells

      That's probably good. If you're chuckling from your bowels, you probably have something wrong with them… also, no one cares.

  • Michael Ricketts

    i actually took the picture for #8. its at WSU

    • maxis

      wow I've never noticed that. By Stephenson?

      • Michael Ricketts

        ya. we got done movin my buddy in and had all the liquor boxes left so decided to make some fun of it. first posted it to college humor and its been makin its rounds on the interwebz since. proud moment for us lol

        • amrith777

          Sad to say that it's all downhill from here…hilarious pic!

    • _bigdeal

      wsu is what? i have a wsu=wright state university by me.. and google shows too many wsu's.. you probably mean washington state im guessing

  • cincy o

    try spell check #33 "weird" # 21 "socializing"

    • cincy o

      #21 was humorous despite the spelling…

    • DaddyD

      It's only socializing in the USA and most of Canada. In Australia, UK, India, South Africa, and most of the ESL world, it's socialising.

      • JPV

        cool story BRO!

        now let me throw one back at cha; the chive is based in Venice beach California. which is in the United States, and as you said in the USA its socializing.

        your point is INVALID

        • Bo Nair

          The internet actually works across the entire world now and people from other countries can submit photos. Crazy, huh?!

        • sarcasm

          actually… I found this info useful. And if we want foreign Chivers submitting (i.e. Chivettes), then how about you shut the f*ck up.

  • Isanbod

    #29 – New desktop? HQ? Please?

    • levitating

      #26 let me guess : mispell 'friend' while captioning a picture …you must be gay.
      next time, spell it heterosexualy.

  • wkdfrog

    #13 Nice Jugs

    • Zaedrus

      First thing through my mind: "Milk, milk, lemonade…"

      • greasdupdeafguy

        first thought in my mind was "BOOOOOBS"

  • Very Demovtivated

    I wonder if you've written a program to cut the bottom 10 pixels off every post :/

  • Hannah Jayne Prangnell

    Iron woman, dammit!

  • Youre Welcome

    #9 – Emma Glover.

    • JBinNC

      And Lucy Pinder in the background

  • Dunny_

    What, is there no spell check in Photoshop?? FFS

    • TheC

      Also, he's not her boyfriend. *NERD ALERT*

      • Pete

        But he is River Song's. And Amy is River's mother.


    • _bigdeal

      spell checking is funny only if your being a smart ass.

      • Dunny_

        Yeah, *YOU'RE probably right.

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