It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (33 Photos)

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  • jeff

    #5 Marriage ……. It's the blowjob's funeral.

    • JPV

      nicely done

      • jasgat

        It's like the old joke… Why is a bride smiling when she walks down the isle??? She knows she has given her last blow job….

  • TheC

    #19 Nobody's Laughing =O

    Except for maybe women. They'll never know our pain, guys.

    • amrith777

      Says a male…who doesn't have a mentrual cycle every month,carry children in his womb,or go through labor and delivery…you're right…women will never know a MALE'S pain.

      • Zephi

        Funny cause it didn't happen to me or someone I liked, which would be the moment it stopped being funny!

  • andrewsalerno

    I can't.


  • plook

    #5 is factually incorrect. Question: Why does the bride smile on her wedding day? Answer: she's given her last BJ.

    • Zephi

      Not if you sigh the right pre-nups.

      • Zephi


  • Stevo

    #15 looks like Amy Acker, only, bigger

    • Adam

      I agree. Also looks so like a gal i used to go out with that it's scary.

    • Rabbit

      looks like my teacher back in High School Ms. Herrod

  • CrewDawgSteve

    Just what I needed today. Thank you so much Chive! 😀

  • Stevo

    #27 One: I assume he'd burst

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #33 – Isn't that Muffit, the Dog-bot from the original Battlestar Galactica series?

  • sandviper

    #27…..definately has the Juggernaut perk

  • Nicnac

    #10 Riversection? 'Interception' is not a place where roads cross.


    #18 oh noez not the bbq

  • grudge

    fucking hell what the hell is with that stupid guru play advert guys, sort the looping sound out

  • battleangel

    #7 pine nuts are not nuts but actually seeds.

  • Hierro ramirez

    Pine nuts ias not a nut it’s a seed 🙂

  • Hut

    #27 1 to the face

  • Dana Xu

    #1 so true…

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Should not work blue.

  • Petr

    He is a pro skateboarder. YOU sir, get a job, that pays more than 450 000 dollars a year and you will have a girl like that lying on your miniramp.

    • Zephi

      Seems like he could afford a better model if hes paying for them.

  • Steve

    #27 Considering the fact that fat isn't made of Kevlar I'm going with 1.

  • benbobbins

    #21 WTF, dude? It's spelled correctly right fucking there!

    These things used to be funny. There's like two here that are. BTW, a picture that has eggs in it that sit in a carton that says "contains eggs" is already self explanatory. I don't need another explanation of it down below. At some point, people motivational pictures were funny, and now they just tell you about it.

  • thetech2

    #27 one head shot oughtta do it one say from about a thousand yards silenced so I can hear the fat fuck hit the ground but wait I might feel that from a thousand yards

  • bkfrijoles

    #15 yummy nerdy sexyness

    • amrith777

      Agreed–send her to me…don't care so much about the big breasts..but the glasses= turn on and if she is actually very intelligent–then to me,smart=sexy and 'nuff said…I call it the Scully effect :p

  • ...

    #27 … no problem, just shoot in his general direction. gravity will do the rest.

  • money

    need MOAR of #15, now!

  • Bret

    Hey KnumbNuts! They said " Troyans" cause that was a clip from the movie Troy. It was not a typo! Do you knubnuts not recognize Brad Pitt? #12

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