A few GIFS to help ruin any chance of you getting work done

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  • Owen Smithers


    My fav. idk why….

    • Really?

      A Cat doing Blue Steel, what's not to like.

  • Matt

    #8 My God Melanie "she doesn't know what she's doing" "YEAH SHE DOES, SHE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT SHE'S DOING" lotioning oiling I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE.

  • Fasteddy14

    #15 At least his face didn't hit the street…

  • durr

    #15 oooh griptape my favorite flavor…beats asphalt, that can sometimes be tooooo gritty


    #15 i really wanted him to land it but if he did it wouldnt be here

  • Vinny

    #5 Looks like Babar's been hitting the sauce

  • Bri

    #15 I just kept staring. the faceplant is absolutely hilarious.

  • Edd

    #15 That's why you wear a helmet kids.

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