Chiver who proposed to his girlfriend with a tattoo gets a response (9 Photos)

Last month, we posted the following photos after one of our Chivers, Bryan Burles, proposed to his girlfriend Monique in a very permanent way, he asked for her hand in marriage with a tattoo on his leg.

For those of you who missed the original photo sequence, I've posted them below… with one new photo of Monique's response.
As before, We wish the two Chivers a happy marriage full of adventurous sex and binge Chiving.

  • sniggi


    • schmiellson

      That girl looked white but was named Monique…something is not adding up

      • Poop

        I'll be that guy…Monique is Monica in French…

      • Aey

        The name Monique is a French in origin…

        • Derp

          It means 'a whales' vagina'

          • schmiellson

            Google image Monique and you will see that in America Monique typically means overweight black woman

            • flavadave

              …with attitude.

              • Johnny

                and thinks shes the hottest thing ever and needs no man.

                • HellHath NoFury

                  Aww guuurl!

          • shaka

            Santiago means a whales vagina, I believe that Monique is "an old wooden ship, used during the civil war"
            Pretty sure that is correct.

    • Paulo

      It really is just like a woman to give 10% effort.
      I would have laughed my balls off if she said "Non!"

    • joel

      you stole my fuckin idea you prick.

    • ruffestneckaround

      I lol'd, loudly.

  • Nick

    this is about the most NON chiver thing to do ever, just saying

    • The Chivery

      No, it's extremely corny, lame, and unoriginal, so it's a VERY Chiver thing to do.

      Chive on!

    • Shyla Gordon-Russell

      just because something is sweet doesn't mean its not Chive worthy. Its not all about tits you know.

      • TheC

        It's just mostly about tits.

        • TheC

          Ooh, and hump DAR.

  • RichXTC

    Hope it last as long as those Tattoos!

    • Seldi84

      I thought that.

  • BoobieWatcher

    And I still think he should have left her name off the tattoo. Then he could have reused it.

    • Jay

      Some guys don't think ahead.

      • lonin

        Notice his name isn't on her tattoo…

  • ontherun1989

    Very original! Congrats and the best of luck to you two!

  • Stafferty

    A tattoo that simply says "yes" on a girls thigh can be misinterpreted rather easily. Just saying.

    (Congrats though)

    • Paul

      Thats why it also had the Diamond in the TaT…
      Crazy thing to do …..

  • yo yo ma

    His next tattoo…"Now that we're married, we'll have sex all the time"

    her next tattoo…"hahahahahahahhahaha! muhahahaa! Get me more bon bons!"

  • Buddha

    This is gonna SUCK when they get divorced

    • equalizermax

      Then, he better find a girl with the same name

      • sweet baby jesus

        who isn't a chivette

    • googboog

      yup. those logs on the beach and burrard st bridge are a giveaway

    • Jay

      What're the odds he'll meet another Monique?

    • LuvsHorror

      He'll need a tattoo saying "Monique, will you divorce me?" with a broken, bleeding heart.

  • falsecreek

    Is that Vancouver?

    • Nabba

      Yes – looks like it to me!

    • Bugsy

      Looks like a view from just outside the park in Vancouver.

  • Dude

    Never, ever, ever get a girls name tattooed on your body unless you have been married for a while. Doing it while you are still dating guarantees that the relationship will not last. Biggest jinx in the world. Sorry but its true.

    • RanDamn

      I know people that were married 12 years. got Tattoo's with each other's name and day they got married. and then divorced 2 months later

      • Da Sandman

        so they were married for 12 years, but they got divorced 2 months after they got married…?

        • 340Swinger

          I think they mean they got the tattoos of each others name AND the date they got married. Then two months later got divorced. The punctuation kinda gives it away.

    • tjak

      Never, ever, ever get a girls name tattooed on your body, erver.

      • Petethefreeze

        Unless the name is Doutzen Kroes or Alessandra Ambrosio

        • tjak

          Never. No exceptions.

          • Lairddaddy55

            What if it is your daughter?

            • Ted

              thats OK

    • BentWrenches


    • Turduckenn
      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Were they in a mechanic's garage?

    • Ashley

      honestly… if that person made a big enough impact on your life, the impression will last a lifetime. It's a reminder of the love you once had and cherished that made your life, or that you still have.
      No big deal, actually very sweet.

    • Martin

      Simpletons take note. There is no fear in getting a womans name inked on your skin. Put it in a ribbon. Later, when things go bad, you simply color it in. Re-ink for next chick. Color it in, repeat as often as necessary until you find the gourmet cook, bisexual, anal loving, deep throat swallower we're all looking for.

  • walkingtheriver

    That is sweet and retarded

  • Paula_

    What happened to simply dragging a woman back to your cave by her hair…?
    I miss that classy kind of old fashioned courtship.

    That is how I scored the real LG <3. Her feet got stuck in the cave entrance though.

    – the one you love to hate

    • hand of fail

      STFU Lauren.

  • Doh!

    While I'm happy for him, he's a schmuck for putting a name on his tattoo.

  • Ryan Smith

    was hoping her tattoo said no

    • mammalsauce

      It kinda looks like the word no if you look at it upsidedown.

      • Ryan Smith

        don't know why you're getting down voted, it totally looks like "no" upside down

  • The_Dood

    Anyone notice the cover is off in #4 and he has the ring out, back on in #5 and the ring is nowhere to be seen as the camera gets closer,and then in #6 the ring's back out, the cover's back off? How many rehearsals were there?

    • @sterlingsylvir

      Or maybe they just didn't post the picture in sequential order.

    • Donna_Romper

      And if you look closely, you can see badge man in the distance on the grassy knoll.

    • vmax

      Ever hear of a zoom lens, dipwad?

    • Juan Juan

      you're an idiot.

  • Affe

    Good for them.

    Totally tacky tattoos.

  • Shockwave

    How about saving the jaded comments about marriage for another time? Haters gonna hate.

    Congratulations to the lovely couple!

    • tcuchiver

      Thank You! have been trying to figure out where all the hatred and rudeness is coming from – congrats you two!

    • thom

      Its nothing against marriage or love, it is about the retardedness of tattoos.

      • EveryoneElse

        Well why don't you put aside your own personal feelings about tattoos and just congratulate the new couple, ya douchebag?

        It ain't always about you, ya know!

  • Jordan

    gay… simply gay

    • derp

      Nobody cares what kind of porn you like.

    • snoobs89

      yeh proposing to his girl friend… your right, it reaks of homosexuality.

  • third and long

    I agree its a bit retarded but good luck to them and well done to the guy for thinking out side the box and being original with the way he proposed.

  • Sarahserenades

    ugh..Id totally say no,cuz i'd know he wasnt smart.wouldn't want to marry a dumb guy.

  • The_Marc

    Awesome.. would've sucked HUGELY if she said "NO!"

  • Asshole

    I think it's amazing when ugly people find love.

    • Da Sandman

      maybe one day, you'll also find love then

      • ShadewearOnline Scott


  • Wtf

    What does hers say?

    • Da Sandman

      oui…. french for 'yes'.. durrrr

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Because that's commonly used in English…

  • Dino


    • yep

      Do your parents know yet?

  • DoucheMcFuckstain

    he should have 'where is my dinner?' tattooed on the palm of his hand so it's the last thing she sees before….nevermind.

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