Chiver who proposed to his girlfriend with a tattoo gets a response (9 Photos)

Last month, we posted the following photos after one of our Chivers, Bryan Burles, proposed to his girlfriend Monique in a very permanent way, he asked for her hand in marriage with a tattoo on his leg.

For those of you who missed the original photo sequence, I've posted them below… with one new photo of Monique's response.
As before, We wish the two Chivers a happy marriage full of adventurous sex and binge Chiving.

  • GernBlansten

    Heh. She oui'd on her leg.

  • Selmy

    Nice jorts asshole.

  • Helmet4

    Her saying NO would have been the only good thing about this. Now it just completely sucks.

    • EveryoneElse

      You're a fuckhead.

  • The Dude who Spewed

    upside down, her tattoo almost looks like it says "NO", and that would be the view she has every time she looks at it.

    I think this is dumb…and I think its even dumber that she tattooed herself too. it just encourages him to get more. the only way to redeem this is at the divorce he tattoos "I want a Divorce..You can keep the kids" on his other thigh.

  • bigmikeskinsfan

    you NEVER get a person's named tatted on your body but from the looks of things he doesnt appear to follow man code anyways.

  • Bless1


  • Donna_Romper


  • S. Martin

    It's like those French have a different word for everything!

  • Ian

    Lot of nay-saying on here…lot of single people?

    I think this is really cool, especially if they really have something here. This guy has other ink done, so this is obviously a passion of his. Tattoos are a lifelong commitment, but marriage is supposed to be too.

    I hope they live a long and happy life together!

    • The Guy who sucks..

      Thanx Ian…your one of the only people who get it

  • Duvel

    Whoo Tattoo's are for stupid people

    Unrelated: Now where is the Girls-with-tattoos-thread?

    Edit: Oh nvm it just went online thx Chive

  • Cheddar

    Yes, Vancouver. One of the West End beaches. West End is the primarily gay end of downtown. Just sayin is all…

  • fore skin

    what a pair of bell ends

  • Goo

    What a fucking retard. So they get married, spend their whole life together with a stupid fucking tattoo. Why not get something retro-active? Such as Monique I love you, Monique with a heart, anything is better. Oh wait I just thought, what if it doesn't work out? Jesus.

    • EveryoneElse

      Why don't you stfu and go away

  • ShadewearOnline Scott

    Lots of jaded, loveless motherfuckers on here. Enjoy being lonely forever, shitskates! Ha!

  • CB109

    I practice family law… you know what I call newlyweds…INVENTORY

  • U2phan

    He shoulda married the hottie on the left in the tattoo joint. Just sayin

  • Amanda

    There seem to be a lot of bitter people in here. I think this is wonderful and creative and I wish them all the luck and joy in the world! Congrats, kids!!

  • Woof

    So, uh, she's French?

    • Macabree

      Well her name is French…lol

  • Maytrix


    I thought the first was stupid.. at least hers will look a lot less stupid if they get divorced.. She could use it if someone hits on her, asks her if she wants to go back to his place.. just show some leg 🙂

    His.. well I guess if they don't last he can hope to date another girl named Monique..

  • Jeff

    possibly the most white-trashy proposal I've ever seen. This makes baseball Jumbotron proposals seem positively civilized.

  • Htisss

    I think they deserve each other.

  • King Wenceslaus

    They misspelled Oui. It looks like it says Oiu. Yikes.

  • Teeph

    So many desperate, bitter shitheads on here so fucking eager to tear up a bold, reckless, unrestrained act of LOVE. Makes me sick.

    Seriously, you spend your time fapping to sexy chivettes and wonder why you’re forever alone when you lack the balls to take a risk for a lady and only talk shit from behind the safety of your keyboards.

    Get bent dipshits.

  • EveryoneElse

    I can't believe how utterly RUDE most people are on here! What is it, the anonymity of the Internet that brings out the asshole is so many people?

    I notice very rarely, and very few have the FUCKING BALLS to post under their own Intense Debate profile.

    Buncha assholes, the lot of ya!

    NO, I don't have an Intense Debate profile, but I sure as hell know most of you do!
    Got something funny or witty you want everyone's approval on, THEN you post in your own name, but when you troll and act like complete assholes, you hide behind a guest logon.

    Every single one of you outta be ashamed of yourselves!

    • ShitStainedBalls

      I'd bet most people don't have one. I've been here a while now and I've never bothered to make one. What's the point?

  • Ted

    at least he doesnt have a neck tattoo with her name

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