Fit girls’ sex appeal tiptoes on a very thin line (33 Photos)

  • bbqboobs

    I'm drunk, so I'd do most of em right now, I don't even care, but #24 is a dude, #23 might as well be a dude, and I'd still need a bag for #11.

    • hMMMM

      #11 has a uni-tit in that pic.

      • beeline

        #11 is aka Amanda Wenk. Looks much better in other pics, but apparently got the goods taken back a few notches

        • Maytrix

          She doesn't look bad there – no worse than anyone else would making a pose like that.

          I kind of feel bad for these "kids" though as this kind of shit can come back to haunt you some day when looking for work – especially depending on the type of work..

          • hMMMM


            • Jen

              i think #23 would rape you and make you squeal like a pig and then toss you out of bed.

              • hMMMM

                Jen, I will slap the shit outta you then force you to make me spaghetti

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

    I got the weirdest boner right now.

    • steve

      eleanor lol

    • Dwayne

      #2 #3 I would enjoy tasting their puckered poohole.

    • RHCP

      I have the most normal boner right now

    • Deadalrady

      Has it got a bicep?

    • Smoke-n-Water

      These women are TOTALLY acceptable!!

  • sarcasm

    #23 just ruined that fantasy for me

    • That Guy

      who knew there was a photo of Janet Reno in a bikini top.

    • Patrick Blair

      ya i just went from midnight to 6 after seeing this

  • Pail

    Shit just isnt right….

    #17 #18



  • Hell no

    Tiptoe on a the line??? Most of them crossed the line with their ugly ass, steroid enlarged feet.

    • steroid man

      2 much anavar

    • HEAT

      … or they just eat well and exercise daily.

      • Lotus

        Most of these girls are musclebound, which is beyond fit and really unnattractive. No thanks to a girl with rock hard abs.

        I can't stress enough how much I hate that this is a weekly post. Fit girls has been done to death, lets debate something else.

    • JJK

      Is this my buddy Eric? The feet thing again?

      • Hell no

        No, it's not. There seems to be more than one guy out here who disapproves of ugly ass feet.

  • Matthew Uberstein

    #16 Nice yoga pants!!!

    • Maynard B.

      nice everything…

      • Matthew Uberstein


  • umpalumpa

    I Take #3 #5 #7 #8 #9 #13 #15 #20# 26# 28# #29 #33 with a bucket of tanning lotionl! Some one needs to apply it, might as well be me 🙂

    • Chelsea Lauren Foulk

      #3 isn't even crazy muscular. She's just hot.

  • Pete_Mitchell

    #26 yeah keep looking at that gap… you're doing it right.

  • alroy88

    oh my god, couldn't stop laughing at 23 and 24. well played.

    also, #26 is delightful

    • Jon Stoddard

      id like to declare her hottest but cant see the face

  • Sweden

    I would do them all except for 23 & 24.
    #2 #5 #8 is perfect


      I dunno, #5's face is borderline, but her body is rocking

      • JT Mo-Nay

        Dolph Ziggler?

  • MrCR

    #24 is my reaction to #23

    • dagnut

      I think thats the idea

    • BSS

      Thank you Mr. Obvious.

    • BCBB

      It should be called PrincessLargeUpchuck.gif. Someone make it.

    • Wally

      I see what they did there . . .

  • steve

    #32 rocks me…..I think I love her !

  • Jay

    #26 I see only beauty there

    • the elusive

      I think that's what she's looking at too…

  • TheBigKahuna

    i would most definitely for all except for #23 (sorry)

    • Hand Of Fate 125p

      That`s my wife and i think she is smoking hot.

      • Dex

        She's all yours, buddy

  • steve

    you know with the correct amount of Jack Daniel's you would dude

  • accidentero

    #30 my personal trainer … I wish

    • anonymous

      Andressa Vieira. She's absolutely smoking hot.

      • Master_Rahl

        nicely done, off to google many hopefully nsfw shots of this goddess.

  • jpp407

    #26 Is perfection.

    • craig b from ct

      amen brother!

    • truth

      lucky you cant see the handlebar mustache with her head bent

  • max

    i don't know why but i'm in love with #28

    No wait… I know why

    • Dan

      She looks like a pint-sized firecracker! Probably amazing in bed.

    • straight guy

      maybe it's just me but I like a nice soft woman to touch, not rock hard abs…

  • Dan

    #2 She might be able to beat me up, but I'd enjoy it!

    • Matt

      She can beat me up any day

    • SlimtwigMJ

      #2 can beat me up any day!

  • 277Volt

    Every one of those gals are hotter than all get out. I relish the thought of a gal that could toss me around the room, tell me who is boss and make me do dirty, dirty things that will definitely negatively affect my self esteem the next day.


      You must be a Japanese man, then.

      • Hand Of Fate 125p

        I like that sorta stuff too. My wife`s pic is in this post itself.


    #3 and #14…..YUP!

    • jack

      The best by far, IMHO.

  • Nin
  • non


  • miles.v

    #1 is Noemie Olah but i've been unable to find who #7 is. Does anyone knows her ?

  • anon

    I was wondering when The Chive was going to discover CrossFit

    • anon


      • Patrick Arden Heringer


      • Simon Phoenix

        I LOVE CROSS FIT CHICKS .. super sexy, in shape and still womanly! yummy yum yum

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