Fit girls’ sex appeal tiptoes on a very thin line (33 Photos)

  • Hell no

    The term makes sense, because that is one fine cross-dresser!

  • rlogan75

    #23 made me wanna #24..

    all the other would get the best 15 seconds of their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chippy

    #11 Find Please

    • R2G Fan

      Amanda Wenk. Internet celeb for her giant cans years ago. Internet celeb again for getting them reduced and ruining those works of beauty.

  • nate

    Agreed. Id smash all but 23. Only way I would is if I was as trashed as 24.

  • Anonymous

    #7 #12 #26 and #27 are attractive fit women

    #23 is A man duh!

  • The Bandit

    #3 #8 #26 …hot…nothing wrong here
    #11 ..look more like Nadal after a win

  • Ralphie boy

    There's nothing wrong with #5 and #23 – unless you're straight. And #14 might very well rip my junk off but I'd love to hold dat azz…

  • spliggs

    #6 looks like Iggy Pop.

  • iDary

    #8 #25 #26 PLS FIND HER! PLEASE! Amazing….

  • bkfrijoles

    #11 power deuce

  • BallsDeep

    I'd say #3, #7, #8, an #13 aren't really tiptoeing anywhere

    • BallsDeep

      and* 😉

  • Rip the Jacker

    Find #5!

  • tomasher

    #4 #14 are fantastic for their own reasons!

  • Helmet4

    #5 is just fine with me

  • Carbon

    the only one that truly scared me was the hulk disguised as princess leia

  • steroid user

    OVERUSED ANAVAR LADIES.. keep it at 10mg a day please

  • GernBlansten

    #14 I love when women wear their hair like this. The Chive needs to dedicate a pose to girls with short hair!

  • James

    Women With Muscles = Me 😦
    Women Toned = me 😀

  • Hamster in Panta

    Those veins coming up from some of their twats are disgusting. Even more disgusting than the word twat.

  • Tony

    Where's that hot college pole vaulting chick…….???


    #7 #8 #9 #26 That's all, and once again thanks for this, just woke up from a bad night sleep made it all better. CHIVE ON!

  • Mambosa

    Great post. Still like fit girl, with a few exceptions ofcourse. And who is #13 wow?

  • reme

    Don't be a douche. Dress them in street clothes, and you wouldn't know how muscled they were. Just like the guy bodybuilders do- a lot of these poses are staged- oiled and flexing after pumping up.
    #23 (and of course #24) would be the only one's I'd kick out of bed….

    • Xsoldier2000

      Ummmm #23 might just kick YOU out of bed.

  • Chuck Taylor

    I'm calling a solid majority of these women hot. A good face is a trusty tiebreaker. Nice post. Sometimes, the fit girls are too… dude-ish.

  • Glitched

    It think the line that divided this from being sexy is when they start to look more like men than women, in the face anyways.

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