Fit girls’ sex appeal tiptoes on a very thin line (33 Photos)

  • OwnerOfYou

    #11 is Amanda Wenk, internet legend.
    #12 seems cute enough.
    #26 FTW!!!

  • EricG

    for all that is good and holy in this world, we need more of #2 and #32

  • Gabriel

    Would anybody be surprised if #11's dick fell out?!

  • Boomer

    #3 #12 #26 Hell yes!

  • Steffan C

    find her#13!!!

  • jack

    #'s 3,7,8,13,16 are all hot, the rest are too ripped, not attractive

    • jack

      call me crazy but a prominent six pack on a chick is gross

  • thrillho

    It should be illegal for fit girls to get fake tits

  • toastymoe

    HOLY SHIT #16!!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY, YEAH!!!!!!

  • Russ

    6 was hot

  • MBK
  • Anonymous

    I mean 5 ,6 was not.

  • Russ

    I mean 5, 6 was not .

  • Skedaddle

    #+ spank me 🙂
    #8 nice gap
    #20 has a lucky hubby
    #26 YUM!
    #28 #32 perfection!

  • ffmike

    I'm all for a lady with a nice tight body and physically fit but when the girl has better defined arms than a guy,looks like a guy, no thanks. It only means shes spending way too much time at the gym.

  • The Dude

    #3 and #7 really do it for me.

  • laelow

    Good Gaaawwdd!
    #15 #3 #32

  • Martín Scola

    #23 looks like could've beat the shit out of Jabba without even breaking a sweat. and probably defeat the imperial fleet while she was at it.

  • scs07

    Ill work out with #30 anytime

  • HardCoreMike

    One keigel during sex and some of these chicks would rip yer dick off… but… for the most part… I'lld do em!

  • Chris White

    I was trying to remember which #s I would… but #13 made it much, much easier – she takes the cake.

  • Robert Gamecock Childs

    #11 ….thats just scarey

  • Ktmkraig

    With exception of 23 and 24, I would gladly have any of them. No fine line here buddy!!!! Extremely sexy, wow!!

  • StoutMan

    #19…CrossFit girls are HOT! 285# Deadlift…id let her deadlift me…check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

    • The Neighbor

      Like I always say, I Love CrossFit

  • fuck you

    i will explain some shit cos i hate when you all fucking rednecks, start commenting idiotic things about fitness and bodybuilding models.

    Sample #23 shes a bodybuilder, and she looks like a man cos she takes male hormones (testosterone) the hormone that is build in our nut sack, she does that cos she want to be competitive in a insane form of competition, where muscle size and shape matters.

    Sample #17, that's a fitness model i think, (there are too many categories) that state its final an temporary, is that last stage of the nutrition for a competition, when you have to remove as much fat and water out of your body. After thecompetition she should look like #31 or any other from this post.

    hope this is clear enough for you all bunch of retards 😀
    chive on suckers !! (new Tshirt?)

  • Matt

    #2 is absolutely perfect!!! GORGEOUS!

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