Fit girls’ sex appeal tiptoes on a very thin line (33 Photos)

  • MrNorm

    #26 find her

  • weirdoh

    Wow #23, when did Rosie Perez start hitting the weights?

    • weirdoh

      nice link, idiot 😦

  • T

    Definitely need MOAR of #26, and her face

  • Bob

    MEH! toned with a normal tummy is enough for me..

  • Rick

    #3 #5 #14 #26 #30 nom'sauce! Them's definitely hawt

  • Lisa

    The dedication these women (except for 24) put into their physique…the time in the gym…dietary choices…supplements…the career choices they make so they'll have time for all of these things…it's a beautiful thing. Some have gone a little over the line but I'd MUCH rather look at them than a chunky fat chick. 😉

  • Jacker

    Anyone know who #5 is?

  • Matty

    No one at The Chive seems to know the difference between fit girls and buff girls. Fit girls are sexy as hell. Buff girls are just scary. Heres a hint Chive, if a girl looks like she runs, swims, surfs, or bikes quite often, shes fit. If shes looks like she can bench her own weight, shes buff, aka scary.

    • iamwhoiam

      Dude benching your own weight is okay, veins in the neck and manly faces is scary, got a waist and curves still its okay

  • johkur

    I'll take excessively fit girls over fatties any day. Unless they look like #23. That guy is scary.

  • TheRadioWalls

    #29/#33 is my girl Charlie James she does workout tutorials on YouTube. Check her out charlijames1975 on YouTube. This two pictures do her no justice :).

    • Madshibs

      29 and 33 are actually Susana Light from If you’d like to see her nude/making out with chicks/diddling herself, then google image search susanna spears. You’re welcome.

  • 2audentes

    Moar #26 immediately

  • NOUU


  • MrDaddyMan

    #16. MOAR. NOW.

  • Anonymous

    Hell yes.

  • andrew6655321

    best. thing. ever. fit girls are the best!

  • Ted

    #6# #24#

    me looking at her

    • theAPPLE

      lol right!

  • Shrapnel

    29 & 33 . Zuzana from . Wife has just started Zuzana's fitness system , , , and showing great results.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #27 Hot damn sexy!!!

  • moose_nutz

    #16 is one of the hottest women to ever have walked the earth.

  • spex

    My only issue with most of these women is that just looking at them will remind me how fat and lazy I've gotten. I don't much like feeling pathetic and useless after sex (I get enough of that as it is).

  • bill

    wow there all fine fine super fine.except for # 24

  • bill

    omg #2 is beautiful.yummy,yummy,lick

  • untamedride

    fit women are incredible. #6 #7 #16

  • Ken

    #8 & #16 🙂


    …I don't find muscular women attractive at all sorry!

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