Ode to Budweiser, truly the king of beers. (38 photos)

Editor's note: This is not a paid advertisement for Budweiser. I was at the Iowa state fair this weekend and I saw a girl in daisy dukes and straw hat drinking a Budweiser and it was sexy as hell..that's all.

  • gdm426

    nice to see some boys from the windy city giving St Louis's own some props. there are few things more enjoyable than a cold frosty Budweiser on a hot summer night

  • Varun

    Paid or not, I feel like a Bud! Gonna get sm!

  • dagnut


  • mesohorny

    You have no idea what good beer is…this budweiser is canned piss

  • PeterJ norn iron

    the pictures are great but bud sucks ass!

  • Almolester

    Budweiser is fucking nasty. don’t understand how it got labelled the king of beer when there’s a million better brands.

    Girls are sexy, though. That’s a win

  • UHM

    #37 is a hottie. More would be apreciated.

  • Dashete

    This shitty beer ruined our World Cup!

  • tdr

    Pig swill …

  • naigoto

    There is only one true Budweiser, the Czech one, you copycat fuckers!

  • Tim

    Bud is shitty rice beer stupid americans know nothing of good beer.

  • FionnR

    Lets be honest lads…it tastes like cow piss…trust me : /

  • Matt H


    Oh A Budweiser! I'll take two.

  • rossy

    #37 very nice can i buy you a decent drink not this crap

  • https://www.facebook.com/bbheiney Robert Heiney

    Drink a real beer! Find a Shiner. It's the best American brew in the country.All the rest are watered down yellow water. More babes in skimpy outfits would've made this a better post.

  • PVTCowboy

    #6 find that 1911!

  • Hemispheres

    Look, there is no point in trying to compare Budweiser with the Guinesses or micro brews of the world, they are in completely different categories. Comparing beers like that is like trying to compare a Bugatti to a Corvette, completely different.

  • Ispeakchive

    Budweiser is for people that have never experienced good beer

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Bud Light…are you is'nt right…So why fight when you can drink bud light…hehe…

  • http://www.facebook.com/mario8732 Mario Alberto Rdz Vela

    #18 :]

  • incrediawesome

    Yeah I'll have a Dogfish Head instead

  • Sak

    #6 the bacon looks like a lobster

  • J.Detroit

    where can you buy # 18's bikini???

  • eric samson

    #13—priced one for my mancave—$1000 easy—vintage is pricey!

  • il tedesco

    american beer is disgusting. every single european beer tastes better.

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