A man had a log and a chainsaw. Art ensued (26 Photos)

  • blurr95

    wow, this guy owns!!!

  • one nut

    I put a log that large in the toilet, only it was not a good medium for chain saw art. Looked like a pudding pop delivery truck truck exploded.

  • lawd

    Love me some possums.

    • Derty

      It's spelled "opossum"… and these are raccoons… just FYI there, chief.

      • lawd

        Yeah, I know.
        Learned that trick from Paula.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t be a doushe Derry, atleast this fool doesn’t have a gay ass name. Picked on in highs hook? Not our fault, ya peice a shit

  • Tom

    This guys is my hero.

  • Pablo

    Some people are freakishly talented.

  • Ron Burgundy?

    I love white trash lawn art! It's certainly better than the plywood cut-out folk art…

  • Lia

    Wow… That shouldn’t even be possible…

  • BlackMatterBeaver

    Yeah that's worth killing trees for…

  • BBB

    nice wood

  • some goth guy

    Over-rated, anyone with that kind of talent can do that.

  • DoucheMcFuckstain

    I can't cut paper in a straight line….that is all.

  • geez

    He should sell firewood, but carve them into small infants first.

  • Citica

    #15 is definitely raccoons, possums look nothing like a raccoon

    • lawd

      Are you sure ?
      No, they are opossums.

  • Hey now dammit

    Eh, you can see and buy this stuff everywhere where I live…this actually looks like it could be around here somewhere. Yeah it's nifty but it's lost it's novelty with me. My stereotypical redneck brother got drunk one night and decided to try this himself. Somehow not a single drop of blood was shed that night and he managed to carve up a decent looking 3ft bear, that's impressive.

  • George1918

    there is NO WAY he did all that with 1 chainsaw…he could not create the fine detail such as the eyeballs. Impressive? Yes…but with many tools I'm sure.

  • mr.plow

    But can they shoot lasers out of their eyes?!

  • Martin

    I do hate to burst your bubble, but all of the work is 'shopped. I saw an exposee on the guy, who is now a fugitive being sought for carving, chain saw, and totem pole fraud. If he actually could do it, it would have been a video, not 26 photos, think about it.

  • Johnny

    Somewhere there is a hippy dying!! MUAHAHAHHAHAHA….fucking hippies!

  • Ryan

    Not bad but have seen way way better. In Chetwynd B.C. there is a chainsaw carving championship every year that would put this guy to shame, check it out

  • Sawbuck

    come back when he does all that using nothing but a SPOON…then we'll talk. Jay Kay in all honesty, pretty dang sweet.

  • DWS

    Well, I wouldn't exactly have them in my back yard, but the skill and patience that goes in to that is simply amazing.

  • P K

    I've operated a chain saw for most of my adult life, and I'm just happy when the tree goes in the direction I want it to . . . this stuff is just amazing

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  • Daniel

    Howling, He's doing it right!

  • Werner


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