Awkward family vacations (25 Photos)

via Awkward Family Photos

  • mr.plow

    #25…I'd have to go Lyle and Erik Menedez on on that ass.

  • mr.plow

    #4. MOM GOT ASS!! But the duaghter would get it!

  • Griffin Heath

    #23 The Happiest Place On Earth.

  • wkdfrog

    #1 "The Weasley's in Space" spin off show…

  • Tillman

    #1 Stephen King went on family vacations?

  • Jeff

    #25 Cameltoe!

  • Shannan

    #1 can’t believe no one pointed out the sons camel toe hahahaha embarrassing I agree with the shallow gene pool

  • Michael Ricketts

    hello 1980's

  • bramer

    #17 fear and loathing in las vegas – family edition,
    to much psych t-shirts and big glasses

  • Anonymous

    #4 find the one in the back…. DAM…. oh and throw the one in the front back

  • The_Marc

    #8 …..cause Fuck Her, thats why…

    • Beldar

      And she's wearing dark clothes instead of light. Maybe she's a ghost.

  • Brad

    #20 I70 W Indianapolis!!! Where’s all the traffic??

  • Yeah me

    #24 little kid with a hat like a fucking boss and not one fuck was given that day

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  • OldNSlow

    Perhaps instead of re-posting from other sites, theChive could expand a couple of features like Hump Day or DAR. Seems kind of lame today.

  • Lost In Translation

    Awkward 80's vacation is awkward.

  • konaehukai

    #22. Ahhh the memories. My family has one of these too.

  • Dan

    Notice how they are all white people?

    • jon

      black people are too poor to have vacations

  • Sean Fleming

    i want #19 's shorts!

  • Tedskin

    #20# Take the fucking picture before we get RUN OVER!!

    What do you mean this is for theCHIVE? What the hell is a CHIVE?

  • Tedskin

    Dad works for Vandelay Industries
    Mom is a Realtor
    kid are taken care of an Au Pair

  • yourmamaisfat bitch

    What the fuck is wrong with you? most of these are cool

  • Steven Vargas

    #22 looks like neil patrick harris

    • Mike Honcho

      no that is Seth Green at age 23

  • Underhill

    They mostly look exhausted or terrified.

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #22, Moms Buckteeth, are probably the reason they have kids, swallowing would be out of the question

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