Awkward family vacations (25 Photos)

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  • Bret Van Arsdale

    Gov Janklow was a 70's Gov, and these dorks would have gotten their ass kicked if they had been seen in Yankton back in those days Especially Mr Pink Shirt !

  • Dude

    #4 The daughter… The daughter…

    • northerner

      Agree, daughter looks potential hotty…

    • Anonymous

      Ugly parents always have hot daughters

  • Harry Satchel

    I'd hit the daughter no doubt!

  • costa66

    Wife, had plan. Husband, dead within three strokes of Ginsu. Boy 1, Problem Child. Boy 2, Solves and Cures Cancer for All Times.

  • Mike Honcho

    #18 Ed Norton

  • Dj_t_rox

    begone Satan!!!!!!!!

  • bkfrijoles

    #25 what the hell in South Dakota?

  • mace man

    #19 they both wear the same size shirt

  • someguy

    Ahh…good ole’ west bound I70 in Indy. I think those two are still standing there

  • northerner

    #21, OK, the pose is rather dumb, but the mom looks quite good. Actually, mom looks rather beautiful. Actually, Chive could do a "find her" project for a glamor shot of mom. Just sayin.

    • AmBush Steve

      I was thinking the same thing. Find her! Not the glamour shot though, those are ALL pretty lame.

  • zak0622


    That's I65N in Indianapolis IN. I drive through there everyday. CHIVE ON from Indy.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #25 The family that plays together…. aw, fuck it. Let's just go home.

  • Clunge

    Awakward indeed!

  • Beldar

    #25. I like me some of them french fried potaters with mustard, yesh I do.

  • Indian Oven

    #20 Yeah Indianapolis! Go Colts!

  • etc4779


    Napolian Dynamites Relatives

  • claj

    #5 looks like they went and joined a cult….

  • mrperson95

    #16 Is she turning into satan? o.0

  • Random_Things

    #14 Chinese Gardens, in Sydney. Nice place.

  • Dashete

    18# Looks like he had a little too much captain IN him.

  • tagbadger

    Every time I watch an older movie, 80s-ish all I can think is, "people used to dress like that?" Fucking crazy!

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  • judasp1

    #25. That is like 14 miles from my house…… looks different now, but damn…

  • biggles

    #16 HAHAHAHAH the vacation of terror.

    terrifying ride….check

    awesome vacation

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