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  • Bob

    #21…I love when people complain about this commercial. Just change the channel.
    #23…I can't look at this and not laugh.

    • Kud

      Haha, I've started muting the TV when that commercial comes on. It's always abnormally longer than normal commercials too, but I'm not sure if it just the agonizing guilt that makes it seem that way though…


    #3 Little Dwayne… What a lil bitch…

  • tcuchiver

    pretty sure #28 is in a camper trailer as well.

  • Fasteddy14

    #26 I know I never called you back after our one-night stand….but you need to get checked out. You probably have Gonorrhea.

  • konaehukai

    #12. Truth

  • ...

    #20 fuckoff defined …

  • Espinosa

    #30 Here is da video LMAO

  • gozer

    # 15
    Are his fingernails painted??

  • gozer


  • bill

    #3 caption is so wrong!!!! it should be…….DAMNNN….BABY GIRL!!!!!LOOK AT THAT ASS!!!!

  • bkfrijoles

    #25 is how i feel when i read my science textbook

  • Steve

    #10 made my day, The Who, my favorite band, on TheChive, my favorite website, in Captions, my favorite category

    • fox

      Thats jimi hendrix, those must be his guitar techs 🙂

  • tandcphoto

    #19, surely it would be "I found a pound", since was near Blackpool.

  • Ben

    #19 made me pee myself

  • Jason Zabriskie

    I do not like the making fun of #6. That dude obviously has a health issue. Making fun of those with problems/deformities is never cool. Unless they are complete assholes and deserve it. That kid is just trying to get some ass probably. And this is the CHIVE! So you should all understand that more than anyone!

  • Mario Alberto Rdz Vela

    That is just wrong. xD

  • jouj

    This is hilarious ! Thanks Chive 😀

  • LunaMercedes

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  • Brandon

    What show is #30?

  • Ro'

    #27 … wtf…. pig rape?

  • Suck Me Dry

    #3 Must be a vagina just off screen.

  • goldengekko1

    #30 troll level is strong in this one 😀

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