Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • patov40

    No examples, just an all around fan-flippin'-tastic DAR. Thanks Chive! B)

  • Anonymous

    #13 The cake is a lie

  • Yes:)

    #8 Look Up there!

    Its the fuck I dont give

  • http://www.facebook.com/griffinheath Griffin Heath

    God Bless Hump Day~! ❤

  • chong

    #28 well played

    • chong


      #38 well played……. sigh..

  • yum

    #7 and 18 have my babies

  • nebraska

    #13 the cake is a lie

  • That golfer gyy

    Chive, find 15. As a loyal chiver, I demand MOAR. please:)

  • mrperson95

    I stared at #5 for five minutes, i'm not sure why.

  • mrperson95

    whoops, I ment #26

  • Sak

    #43 find them, Chive!!!

  • Jeff Eastin

    #24 – My show made the DAR. Seeing this while waiting out hurricane Irene in New York hotel the day after wrapping White Collar. Very exciting Day.


    #15: keep the cake, i'll have a nice piece of ass, thank you.


    #8: the Off-Broadway version of cats………


    #15: the TUSH is sweeter

  • Greg

    #22- I was there for that one. It was a 1000 yard shot and he hit. Last I saw him he was trying to deploy to Afghanistan again. Keep it up man

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