Hump Day extravaganza (80 photos)

  • EasternCanuck

    DAMN I LOVE HUMP DAY!!!! #6 #26 #46 #61 #67

    • kinkade11

      You chose very well.

    • hMMMM

      #61 is retarded

    • AtothaB

      67 is laura michelle prestin

    • AdamBaldick

      #46 – Id like to shake her daddys hand

    • James Keogh

      Holy hell, I keep scrolling back to #6 epic ass

    • Lotus

      Really Chive, 80 photos? I thought it was your job to sort through the submissions not mine.

      Do yourself a favor and cut that number in half by getting rid of the girls with skinny/flat butts, there are plenty of posts in a regular week dedicated to those rail thin girls, lets see some humps!

  • Jason Dean

    Best Post of the week. Wort getting up for.

    • Jason Dean


    • sniggi

      too many skinny/little butts

      • AdamBaldick

        you my friend should be banished

        • its_forge

          There are an awful lot of flat bottoms here, but the round ones really more than make up for it.

      • Lotus

        Agreed. I visit on hump day to see some nice round humps.

  • Paula_

    AH!!! RIGHT AWAKE NOW!! Was snoozing of there for a second.

    Hump Day is incomplete without a note from LG ( ❤ ) though.

    – the one you love to hate

    • GernBlansten

      Is that you in #32?

      • @sterlingsylvir

        Yea Paula, I think you'r egoing to have to take up the mantle that LG left empty.

        • Paula_

          Well nag all you want but the Chive is not the same without her.
          Also: the mantle don't fit as I'm about 6 times bigger.

          – the one you love to hate

          • AdamBaldick

            Where did LG go to?

          • Herm23

            Paula, serious question. Do you just wait around all day on thechive for new posts and then go post the most annoying shit ever? This post wasnt bad, but its the first one I have ever seen from you that wasnt. I have never read comments that you werent in already trying to get people to go look at fat ass nasty womens sites. Is that what makes your day? Im honestly curious.

            • Paula_

              I hardly wait around but my job allows me to check the Chive from time to time. Also I rouglhy know the release schedule.

              – the one you love to hate

        • a friend

          She didn't leave from my understanding, she's just still recovering and just doing so away from the internet.

          • Googly Juggly

            she's working overtime down at the pier…..

    • Jorge V.

      can you troll on this one please #48
      Why the chive continues to support flat ass women in hump day?!! .. I know its not a crime to be flat ass but on hump day?

  • Tim

    #46 Well thats not bad, not bad at all

    • Samantha Judice Ramos

      Whew do I buy that? May be perfect!

      • Bud Lee

        You know it is a good ass when the girls like it too

      • AdamBaldick

        You say it best Girly

    • AmBush Steve


    • Benton McGrath

      All hail the hypno-ass

    • Adrian


  • misschris

    #4 I have those same panties! We may have to have a hump-off. (hehe that sounds dirty)

    • Shawn

      well obviously, you need to prove it now, someone was going to say it. Are you willing to have this "hump-off"?

      • misschris

        Oh the gauntlet has been thrown down! 🙂 I'll submit – Chive just has to post. xoxo

        • Shawn

          as long as you tell them whats going on, I am sure your post will make it, just tell them its a hump off, they know the chivers love a good hump off… should honestly be a post, a mimic hump off, chivettes vs chivettes

        • Ken

          Oh, I've long waited for this day… 🙂

          • James Keogh

            Redhead ass (at least you look readhed in your pic) against randum hump day ass- should be good 🙂

    • the elusive

      and by 'dirty' you mean 'awesome', right?

    • Bud Lee

      hump off…hump off…hump off!!!

    • Master_Rahl

      hump-off, eh? this could be the beginning of an EPIC post. if you can fill those panties anywhere as(s) good as this submission, it's gonna be awesomeness. C'mon Chive, it's a moral imperative!

    • weldsoft

      Hump off… I like it, can't wait!

    • Herm23

      It did sound dirty, in the best way possible. And I agree with all the other guys. A hump-off is most definitely needed.

    • Michael Cerda

      Not as dirty as a hump-on

    • Husan

      And Sean Bean Declared " Let the Hump Wars Begin"

  • Bill57

    29, 33 and 70 rocked my morning

    • guy

      #29 , #33 , And #70 .. you say?

  • MrMav

    Thank the Lord above for Hump Day. #26 #29 & #50 are amazing!!

    • Kidn

      do you have something against hips?

  • zach

    #19 I find myself curious about the rest of her.

    • patov40

      Also, just a great pic. She's going to be a fun wife (or trouble). 😉

      • zach

        I'm guessing trouble, considering that's not the groom….

        • truth

          the groom is in front licking her bush… no worries

          • giggitygiggitygoo

            no bush there. if there is u bet its sweet peachfuzz

  • @tonydeli7

    #24 #33 #46 #67 Oh my god..

    • truth

      nice selection. nice indeed

      • SweetDannyJ

        I'll second that. It's funny how I'd eat fresh food, off of something that spits out the old food…

        • GreyGhost9

          i think 46 was the best i saw it was perfect

          • david

            yup 46 the best

          • KTY

            yay that's mine! thx guys

            • GreyGhost9

              KTY thats you? that is a great behind, you should submit more for sure.

    • mtonyg

      I second that motion

    • atgr

      46 is just solid

    • Rheagan

      number 46 is an exact replica of my gf. omg i miss her!

  • Guest

    el shoppo a.k.a. photoshop

    • heywoodjablowme

      yeah… and?

    • truth


    • Ferret

      Don'y Care.. Big booty Shopped girl get in deams

    • JCB

      not every girl with a nice butt is photoshopped,; get out more

      • truth

        unfortunately she isn't one of them witha nice butt

  • Awesome

    #55 mmmmm… nom nom nom…

    #2 mmmmm… nom nom nom…

  • Tuttified

    #6 Great form! #64 Happy 10th Bday! Here's a cake of naked broad. Enjoy eating her ass.

    • Roscoe

      #64, that cake tastes like ass!

    • That Guy

      #64 you are parenting right. kid tested, chive approved.

    • Zebulon Miller

      There's nothing like a good piece of ass…

  • patov40

    #42 – Dat ass AND a baseball fan?? Winner!! #61 – BAM!! B)

    • GreyGhost9

      i have a different idea of what kind of dugout she means

  • Sharky

    #72 I'd follow you anywhere

    • @irlNick

      Find her plz

      • Apollo!

        Did you maybe try the url in the image? Because that's where I'd start.

  • davey


    • Mike

      by far the best in this post.

  • kimmy

    #77 yes u done gooood!! would love to sleep with the but no sleep..

  • steve

    #7 good son

    • ???

      Come on now, this is that dude Shannon. He pretended to act like his son and submitted his own post so he feels better about being a creep.

      • Jueoia

        yep. lame, chive. really damn lame.

    • Chelsea Lauren Foulk

      I think that's a pretty strange relationship.


      shitty son. should've gotten his father a gift other than his masturbatory aid.

  • The dude

    Nice boootays

  • imyourhuckleberry

    Hummida hummida hummida.

  • Biz02

    I love an early humpday! Thank you stocking posters. Especially #69

    • truth

      amazing hiney

  • Gern Blanston

    #66, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    • EasternCanuck

      u took the woooooooooooooooooooord right out of my mouth!!!!

    • obviousssssss

      You`re a Scatman ! Dibbi dibbi dibbi da da dam.

  • Dunny_

    Well, this just made my bathroom trip a little longer….especially Batgirl's socks #3 and the roundness of #54

    • Dan

      I LOVE thigh high socks! More hot girls should wear them!

    • tcuchiver

      got to send the love out to batgirl! I say you are doing a great job of joing the likes of R2 and the rest of the regular chivettes!

    • @ABQLifer

      I want to go spelunking in the bat cave there….oh yeah!

  • Brian King

    #26 #29 Hump day is the GREATEST post of the week

  • reme


    Guess what we're doing tonight, honey?

    • AmBush Steve

      …and, she's right where she belongs. God love her.

      • reme

        I'm waiting for a gallery featuring a bedroom where she can reach the stove from bed….;)

  • Guest

    #64 Happy Tenth Birthday

    • EZEE

      I suppose we could add the comments like, "Oh wait – I need to add some cream filling" or "I want to add some icing to the cake first."

      • Chelsea Lauren Foulk

        Or, "Everybody likes a good piece of ass!"

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