• equalizermax

    What a great idea!

    • lonin

      Too bad there's no photo of the toilet full of ice for the champagne.

      • AsciiAdam

        pretty sure that if you have a girl in the tube(one that dirty at least), you just killed her and need to keep her cold or she already loves you.

    • kston

      Lol why guy wjo said its a great ide got thumbed down

  • Muse

    Okay…but who's taking the photos–his mum?

    • newscot

      my thoughts exactly..

    • CDN

      Exactly what I thought!


    • Bigdog

      That is his mom,The sister is taking the pics

    • FoCoLivin

      Good call. And they kind of look like they could be siblings.

      • hubaobao

        I think its one of those now/later photos where they re-create the cute photo of them as kids in the bathtub……but I guess that doesn't explain the flower petals.

    • CrimsonKing

      We all thought the same thing!

  • bathscum

    or maybe clean the tub… you know, whatever works…

    • echogeo

      I bet it's in Russia.

      • Candybabe_66

        In Russia, romantic baths are a family affair! I bet they are brother and sister.

      • listenlady

        They do look a little Ukrainyish.


      No joke!

    • StaticFX

      no kidding… that is nasty! hell the whole bathroom looks like what you would find at some run down , creepy truck stop.

  • Bob

    Maybe he could have cleaned that skeezy looking tub first…

    • dan

      I think you meant that SHE should have cleaned the tub first.

      • Broadbem


    • Bob

      It's Russia, what do you want?

  • Dan


  • The Bandit

    And the dirty tiles make it even more romantic…

    • Henrik

      Maybe it turns her on.

  • jroc

    they have a mildew problem

    • CalculatedRisk

      No, dude, they have a mild ew problem…

  • Kirah

    that is the nastiest looking tub i have ever seen !!!! lmao and yeah who is taking the pics??? the girl seems kinda uncomfortable

  • Blindsided5

    The way to a girl heart is to buy her fake rose petals instead of a bouquet of roses?

  • Jerry L. Young

    They really need to clean that grout.

  • TheFlintSkinny

    Way to give it a good cleaning first!

  • ted

    2 questions:
    Why is the tub so dirty
    and who is taking the pictures

    • BMW

      Thought the exact same thing!

  • yo yo ma

    I hope she's as dirty as that tub.

    • spook01


  • Endo

    Forget the champaign and whatever else was there. Cleaning the bathroom is what gets me laid. Which is why I'm looking for FLBP posts.

    • Lisa Ruffolo

      Your my kinda man!!! My post says it all!! (see below)

  • @IceGripp

    mmm nothing better then fruit and mold.

  • Bobby Sinclair

    In Soviet Russia, tub cleans YOU…

    • boatdrinks4u2

      eto pravda!

    • Stafferty

      The tub cleans you in every country. That's kinda the point of having a tub.

      • Bobby Sinclair

        thanks faggot. but does the tub clean you or is it the water and the soap? Thanks..

        • Stafferty

          gratuities you terrific taste tester of testicles. It's not the "soap and water" that cleans you. Its the lye in the soap which kills bacteria and breaks up dirt.


          Seriously, you might want to talk to someone. You have a lot of anger issues and I can only assume you are in desperate need of a hug.

          • J_Dub

            ROFLMAO!!!!! "terrific taste tester of testicles" is the funniest thing I've read all week!!!!

          • Bobby

            soo then you were wrong all along, yeah? Sooo it wasn't the tub that cleans you, no? Perhaps i do taste the finer things in life such as the testicles. Most females do, don't let the name throw you off master of the man lair. You have balls to call me a cock sucker when you have a blog dedicated to "male interior design." Or, maybe you don't. I don't know. Oh, how I love viral fights..
            I'm not mad at ya, I just don't enjoy your snide and undermining comments. You should enjoy theChive, not troll on comments and high five your buddies drinking natty light. Then again, I sit in my bra and panties and get high all day masterbating, sooo I shouldn't judge.

            Seriously, you might want to take that faggots dick out of your ass. You have a lot of homo-sexual issues (daddy mommy issues) and I can only assume you are in desperate need of the cock.

            Sinclair out

          • Joesf Gerbeg

            Stafferty- NICE WEBSITE, fuckin TROLL!!!

            • finsdeli


          • ERWE

            shut the fuck up.

    • _bigdeal

      the name and comment are a delight.

  • hippie

    scrubbing bubbles…they do the work so you dont have to

    • Micheal Scott

      Not on that shit

  • Joeyk

    Oops chive, you were supposed to post just a pile of cash not..this

  • Seldi84

    This is just all over creepy. Plus that bathroom needs a bloody good cleaning.

    Clean bathrooms mean girls are more likely to want to spend time in there, naked fun time.

  • Solatso

    Hey, everyone knows the best way to a girls heart is through bathtub photos.

  • Anonymous

    I would have though cleaning the bathroom once in its life would have been more effective

  • liz

    I was going to say clean the tub.. but I see others have made that observation.. So I'll leave it at 'girl you need to run now, because the wedding will be worse…'

  • Jason Johnson

    Scumbag Ivan?

    • Bobby Sinclair

      I'm on it

    • Guest

      Scumabag Sergey maybe

  • R Melissa Masoom


    • Glenn M

      It is not gross, as crack houses go they seem to be keeping up pretty good.

  • Bobby Sinclair

    This has Russian written all over it

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