• Hare Patel

    what Eastern European country are those people from?

  • Anonymous

    who’s the creeper who took these pics?…..

  • mark

    …in russia

  • asdf

    Meanwhile, in Russia …


    But, we need some context before judging, maybe they're from some God forsaken country, and this is as good as it gets..

  • LittleBart

    Russians are soooo russians

  • Michael

    That's the most disgusting bathroom I've ever seen… and I used to be a student. Eurgh.

  • Shmoop

    "In Soviet-Russia, tub make you DIRTY!" …idk they look Russian to me, and that grout is pretty mean lookin.

  • SexyChemist

    looks like you have to take a shower after a bath in that disaster of a bathroom. truly win a girl's heart? clean the fucking bathroom.

  • Ukulelemike

    Lots of comments about the condition of the bath-from the looks of them, they're probably newlyweds, he looks to maybe be military-when I was first married and in the Navy, this looks much like the crappy little first place we had-all we could afford. IN fact, I think we didn't even HAVE a tub, just a shower. So don't be too hard on them.

  • McguireJanna

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  • Bret Van Arsdale

    What a fricken PIG STYE! No wait, Pigs are not that filthy !

  • jackie_d_1989

    umm… no thanks to soggy bathtub grapes…

  • BPA

    The romance is kinda lost when, you know, you're fucking roommate is in the bathroom with you taking the photos.

  • Chris Tiearney

    ^5 for that one buddy!

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