• Micheal Scott

    First. And not cool

    • jack

      you cant even spell michael right

      • michael is a douche

        michael scott sucks

    • Razpaljotka

      Minus 9000 internets to you sir.

  • wow

    where did the guy from liar liar go

    • Herro

      this is Jim trolling Charlie Sheen who called out Mila Kunis. He's not for real…

    • JAS

      This is "Man on the Moon" Andy Kaufman type humor, which is Jim Carrey's favorite type of humor, which makes it so funny.

      • Hamish Walmsley

        agree, so awesome

  • shoelessjoe

    don't we all, jim, don't we all

    • jdb

      yes we do.

      • myNameIs

        we really do

    • Biggus Diccus

      Her voice really does it for me

  • Berg

    Yeesh. Weird.

    • Matt

      and kind of depressing.

    • mooseknuckle907

      It was an awkward experience.

  • Dave Chapelle

    chubby freckel faced kids………………………..
    And sex
    Run bitch, run for you life, get some help.

    Jim Carey losing it <—————–Sings of aging

    • Pinche Manny

      Well you better be go and get some help!!
      he ain't gonna sing you happy birthday, or something like that 😉

  • PbandJ

    He has a crappy house considering how popular he is..

    • Obie Slice

      i thought it looked pretty nice…

    • Sebastian Schwaighofer

      yea like we have seen his whole house……

    • DrChimRichalds

      That's his bathroom.

      • DrChimichanga

        * closet

    • Casper

      Looks kind of cabin like, and hearing about his love for camping and telling ghost stories… Maybe he has a house in the woods.

    • Henry Gibson

      My parents have that same entertainment unit. They got it at Target. I helped them assemble it.

      • APPLE

        COOL STORY

    • Dan

      Probably house number 1 of 7.

  • Zac

    WTF was that? I think I saw pedo bear in the background.

    • Ryan


  • jack

    even if its meant to be funny its still creepy as hell

  • MidwestChiver

    This is awesome if not a troll

  • Captlazarus

    Creepy troll

  • Daba


  • mipakr

    i miss funny you from the 90's too, Jim.

  • Daemon

    What are you guys talking about…that was hilarious! The awkwardness of it was genius!

    • shoelessjoe

      agree. jim carrey at his best is cable guy ackward, not liar liar obvious laughs. hilarious.

    • Mrs_Conejo

      totally agree, loved the clip. seems genuine. he kinda blushes a bit in the beggining.

    • Pete

      Agree. Was very funny. Almost had the feel of him having been set up to do it as some sort of dare and being Jim Carrey he can kinda pull it off.

      In fact, isn't that kind of the only cringe-enducing comedy which hasn't been done? Not the Kevin Bacon Woodsman type of inappropriateness for humor, but the slightly creepy slightly sad man who lusts after younger loves (and his younger self)? Hmmm…

    • alise

      Agree – Love love love JC! C'mon people – it's meant to be funny. Maybe there's some truth in there, too, but look at all the publicity he's getting. Brilliant!!!

    • yoselahonda

      It would probably have been more widely seen as funny if it had been Will Ferrel since that's his style. So maybe Jim's trying to tap into the Ferrel-weird-internet-vids thing, but coming from Jim Carey he just didn't quite pull it of. Maybe if he had used more CRAZY-EYES.

    • jdb

      Yeah, definitely. He's very funny. Must have went over some peoples head. I guess they thought it was real.

    • antnee5788

      thank you

    • Hich

      Amen! That was freakin' hilarious. Love the look after he just says "Sex…."

      Can't wait to see Emma asked about that on a talk show. There's a story here…

    • Third Eye

      yea i dont get how people dont see that. jim carry is still funny as fuck. GET LEARNED NOOBS.

    • Johnny

      took the words right out of my mouth! hahaha

  • Creeped out

    Lines on my face, grey in my bear and you forgot to mention the make-up covering the bags under your eyes Jimbo.

  • chris

    I couldn't even get past the 0:25 mark. Jim, whats up with you dude?

    • Michael Alen Pugh

      he's trolling charlie sheen who made a creeper vid like this for mila kunis. he's not for real…

  • Matthew Katz

    Thaaaat was the creepiest thing I've seen since my morning pre-shower pose-down.

  • Patski

    I think its a troll because of the random stuff he says.


      But it just doesn't make sense, like where did that come from?

      • Zephi

        That's sort of the fucking point…Dumbass.

  • meh

    I was cringing

  • Jason

    Whatever that shit was funny as hell. Whoever thinks otherwise is a fucking prude. They probably know each other and she found this as funny as I did……and JIm…………………I know you meant this for me…………..and I love you too

    • Raymond


      • @irlNick

        Jim still has it, I've questioned if he can still be funny but he nailed it. Totally hilarious.

        P.S. Emma Stone seriously you're beautiful, stay classy.

    • Sploooge

      Reminds me of his movie "Man on the moon"

      His comedy is genius!

  • Obie Slice

    If troll, then very impressive. If not, then he just said what's on everyone's mind. I have a feeling hes just doing it for the humor tho, i can definitely see this as one of his jokes

  • Dirk Diggler

    that was awesome. Obvious that it was not serious, hence the lip quiver and near crying. This was brilliant!

  • MikeK

    Wowsers… Um… 49. You're doing it wrong.

    • Hide Salami

      every 49 year old wants to get it on with emma stone dude. To deny it is to be gay. (nothing wrong with gays – but that would be the only explanation why you dont want to get it on with her)

  • Barfball

    This is the funniest thing I have seen all day…. AWESOME.

  • 0621mikel

    Epic Trolling

  • meh

    Thats not the fire marshall Bill I remember

    • Jessica Condrey

      "Let me show ya somethin!!"

      • Master_Rahl

        brings a WHOLE new meaning to that term. Or maybe an Ace Ventura-ism "Holy… Testicle Tuesday!"

      • topher

        everyone remain calm

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