• guy


  • Cartz

    Obvious troll is obvious?

  • Best Part

    "And the sex…."

  • Bill57

    No wonder jenny dumped him

  • Muskiemaddness

    That is just plain fawked up… I always thought Jim was a LOT weird, now, this just confirms it. Who does shit like that?

    • Negrodamas

      You're slow.

    • Dan

      Comedians. This will likely help both him and Emma's careers.

  • BMW

    Dear God that was creepy. I really hope this was a joke.

  • Broadbem

    He is a comedic GENIUS!

  • clif

    Jim, Eddie Murphy, and Chevy Chase make me appreciate comics like Louis C.K., George Carlin, and Bill effin Murray. Some people get better with age.

  • giggitygiggitygoo


  • efrainoscar

    of course this is one of his jokes! anyways, whatever, Emma Stone is gorgeous and I'd have chubby freckled kids with her too.

  • Nate

    Just trying to get back in the spot light. It's been awhile since Jim Carey's done anything. I'm sure Emma knows all bout this.

  • Obadile Spitter

    He's at this best when 1/2 serious… just like this. Obvious comedy is so lame.
    THIS is comedic genius. And yeah… i wanna shoot baby batter all over her face as well Jim!!!…. and I'm 67.

    • Extra

      baby batter…..first time ive heard that one lol

  • Dylan

    That was hilarious!

  • Dan

    I don't care what anybody says, that was utterly hilarious. If you can't tell he's having a laugh, there's something wrong with you, not him.

  • Tim

    That's great

  • Kyle

    Oh come on, you know he's not serious about this.

  • Mario Diosdado

    That was hilarious!

  • thetech2

    haha funniest troll yet hes just sayin what were all thinkin but funny shit you weirdos don't even remember tis guys sense of humor that shit is funny as hell fuck I feel that way too emma I love her as well

  • Chop

    You mopes that think he's serious… you're fucking retarded…this is classic Jim Carrey. 😀

  • Bud Ugly

    Not sure if Jim Carrey is going crazy or is really funny.

    Probably both.

  • Aws

    is this some kind of a viral video campaign? or just a creepy shit?

  • JFrame

    No shit you love her. I think I could love that too. At least for a solid 3 minutes or so.

  • andyp311

    He did an excellent job. Anyone who thought he was creepy doesn't understand.

  • baconcheeseburger

    can i get a thumbs up for how how Emma Stone is

    • baconcheeseburger

      how HOT

  • Matt

    hahahahaha it's obv a joke people… don't be dumb.

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