• idjbass

    That was pure genius. Jim Carrey is fucking hilarious..

  • Italy

    The only thing this video was missing was Bill Murray hitting on Emma Watson.

  • Bababooey

    comedic genius – duh people it obviously was joke. Emma Stone is the "it" girl right now so he prolly chose her to keep his name in the public eye with this funny lil bit.

  • Cindy

    I figure in the next week or 2 we will see that they are starring in a movie together. At least I hope so!

  • NoodlekaBoodle

    Too, too funny. Classic Jim.

  • James

    HAHAHAHAHA that shit was hilarious… *Whispers* I love you… lol

  • Negrodamas

    Ugh…it's a joke, people. My my, the public is thick these days.

  • Dan


  • johngalt

    Name the last good COMEDY movie by Jim Carrey? Me Myself & Irene?

    • wolf

      That Penguin movie

  • RowenBellamy

    Even if he were just to takea step or two back from the camera, this would be a lot less creepy. Hopefully Miss Stone has the sense of humour to laugh it off. She seems like she would be.

  • antnee5788

    This is the subtle humor I miss from Jim. At least it's not your Poppers Penguins Jim Carrey… That guy sucks

  • prune

    holy shit that was beyond creepy.

  • rrrrroooaaaar

    who the fuck is emma stone

    • WhitterBoomer

      Honestly? Go rent Zombieland. Then you can speak.

  • Cecil

    idiots. He must be a perverted old rapist or something. Not at all a troll of all the mid 30's guys fawning in secret over Watson. Get a life. Even from an internationally known comedian, the assumption is of dire sickness and evil intentions on his part?

  • Fasteddy14

    Anybody else expect to see Emma Stone walk into frame in bra and panties? "Jim stop fooling around and come back to bed…"

  • sphincter

    How can anyone take this seriously? This was hilarious.

  • Coldzilla

    Hmmmmm I wonder if theyre making a movie together at the moment…..

    Nothin on his IMDB page o.0

  • Vbee

    Love Jim! Emma needs to respond so the hilarity can continue.

  • guest

    it's a joke and all you fools take him so serious. He HAD jenny and emma isn't even in the same ballpark as her.

  • wolf

    he's an actor! He's doing what he does. I bet there is a movie with the 2 of them coming out in the near future

  • RetiredChief

    Come on people! This isn't real. This is just Jim screwing around as usual.

  • Da Sandman

    haha Jim carry rules ^^

  • adventxero

    This is awesome!!! Absolutely hilarious. I bet Emma Stone is creating some clever retort. Sadly I bet we never see it though 😦

  • NJF

    I think it's a parody of all the people who make video's asking actresses out. I don't think this is real because 1) Jim Carrey is an comedian/actor and 2) Jim Carrey is an COMEDIAN/ACTOR.

  • NJF

    I think it's a parody of all the people who make video's asking actresses out. I don't think this is real because 1) Jim Carrey is a comedian/actor and 2) Jim Carrey is a COMEDIAN/ACTOR.

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