• Silky

    Funniest thing Jim has produced in years. He needs to take that gold on the road.
    Probably get a spin off TV series from it….

  • erin

    omg lol! i love jim carrey, emma stone should be honored. joke or not, this is awesome and hilarious! 😀

  • Blum

    we see jim trollin!!!

  • wakeskatenick

    For the love of god learn to blink jim

    • zTom

      Blinking is for pussies.

  • khaled

    jim carrey in this video you make me looooooooooool until tomorrow

    u awesome looooool

  • JustinTPchiver

    He's obviously not serious, but at the same time, the vid is just a little funny. meh.

  • markkens

    Carrey's NEVER serious when he's switching expressions on and off like that! LOL!!!

  • Mark

    That's just hilarious and it is creepy but just because it's Jim Carrey makes it funny. If it were someone else, it could be VERY CREEPY but you never know. He actually just might be losing it.
    I'd love to see what Emma thinks about this. Maybe she'd even send a video reply!

  • Alec

    Anyone dumb enough to think this was serious obviously knows nothing about JC / hasn't seem him in an interview. He's the nicest and furthest from creepy guy on the planet. Obviously a joke. How thick some of you are worries me..

  • Andrew

    First of all, he speaks for every damn heterosexual over the hill guy that watches TV. Can you blame him for being honest?

  • warman

    Damn i love his sarcasm..!!!
    Support a man in love……
    Respect a great man..even he is way far from greatness…

  • rainwulf

    That was fucking epic.
    Awesome! The lip quiver was genius.

  • Matthew Faunce

    This is Jim Carey trying to be Bill Murray. I like the troll, but Jim's not old enough to be trying the legendary type things that Bill can do.

  • J.R.

    I love that the pedo bear shoe is the advertisement on this

  • Spence

    Everything I know about Jim Carrey screams that this is just one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and that he remains the man. But I've been wrong before…

  • jlynn

    i thought it was funny and i bet she did too…jim is always funny!..and anyone who takes anything he does seriously..i mean come on!

  • Martín Scola

    I really really REALLY hope he's just goofing around. Or else, we might be seeing a restraining order in his near future

  • Jepeto

    I was waiting for the backward talk and move……….. chiver from Mexico

  • rockstar

    Excellent trolling by Jim, even commented on his troubled urination. Definitely a joke though.

  • Daniel


    Why can't it be love? The fact that it's filmed with the intention it'll be available as a video for all to see erases that aspect. Maybe if he sent her a VHS of this.

  • Pani Booyah

    Keep trolling trolling trolling 😀

  • CuseStuckinWa

    Isn't Emma a Lesbo?

  • Penelope

    she better do a video for him lmao

  • Valentine Tolhurst

    hmmm that was odd….

  • Auz_E

    I'm sorry Jim but that's one ugly fireplace you have there o_O

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