• Headso

    SOOOOO Funny, Well played Jim!

  • bunedoggle

    He and Emma decided to do that over a drink at some party to boost thier populatrity, I guarentee it.
    And so far, it's wokring.

    Nice job Jimmy.

  • claj

    fake. I think it is a publicity thing….=/

  • Whitney N. Scherer

    OMG this is Genius! Emma, PLEASE respond to this! I'm sure her humor is match Jim's!

  • Sammie Soon Jones

    srsly….your site makes my shitty days aweessommeee.

  • Meh

    Haha, that was great!

  • @recycle2011

    Jim Carrey was kinda creepy in that one. I also found a funny spoof of Jim Carrey's message to Emma Stone; you gotta check it out!

  • Ftw

    Hey recycle nobody cares about ur link. You’re not fooling anybody you cockgoblin.

  • jlive1234

    lmao hilarious…clearly a joke, to everyone who hasn't figured that much out

  • Rick


  • Katie Hill

    "look at me, i've got lines on my face…..not to mention a bad case of the shakes, and i inexplicably can't afford a camera stand…"

    love you jim! my all time favorite actor!

  • Kathy

    People just need to lighten up. It is not creepy, it is not weird, it is Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey, and she's probably in the background laughing.

  • Kathy

    P.S – even if she isn't, it's still not creepy nor weird.

  • @SomeRaiderFan

    all of you thinking he was serious have been trolled

  • PubicJones

    Jim Carrey needs to simply go away.

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