Redheads, shut up…just shut up. You had me at “hello” (38 Photos)

  • Kcruz09

    #15 look at those eyes.

  • @dalton_matt

    #35 Susan Coffey

  • SasKc

    #10 is from i think..

    could be Kayleigh Mallen, even if it isn't she's still smokin'

    • Adam

      You are correct good sir that is Kayleigh this photo was my addition to the glorious redhead post.

  • King Wenceslaus

    #1 #2 and #32 can't be real. they just can't

  • Anonymous

    #23 and #10 make the cut.
    #17 is beautiful.
    #1 is my number 1.
    Is #21 a porn star?
    Also, is R2 Girl a reahead #4? More R2 Girl!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #15 Freaky eyes… I'm lovin it!

  • CapeTown

    Number 7 is pretty hot, but why is she standing in a pile of rubble?

  • Wildaas

    #38 New T-Shirt idea? I think so…

  • @dalton_matt

    @monkeymadness just pointed out its not Momsen in my previous post. My bad. Doing my best with google images and tineye.

  • @dalton_matt
    • @dalton_matt

      Its not, see post below.

  • @dalton_matt
  • Ian.

    #24, that is all

  • @dalton_matt
  • @dalton_matt

    #9 Miss USA: Alyssa Campanella

    • corekshun

      Incorrect: Amy Adams.

      • Bryce


  • mcguirk

    #8 #11 #15 #22 #36
    redheads start my day off right

    • Rick

      #22 is Purrfect Eva. Enjoy

  • @dalton_matt
  • @dalton_matt

    Are my posts getting annoying…because i'm kinda starting to annoy myself. Don't know if you guys really care who all these people are.

    • Bill57

      it's nice to know who they are. though it doesn't really matter

    • newscot

      Keep up the good work Matt, but you might consider doing multiple IDs in the same post…

    • Will Harding

      That doesn't stop Paula………..

      Keep them coming mate!

    • @dalton_matt

      Cool, thanks gents. Good idea Newscot. I'll try that out.

  • penis

    post redheads Chive, not dye jobs.

  • Zach D.

    #38 so you saying we should make baby's with them to ensure the survival of a dieing breed? Seams logical, count me in.

    • Gevth

      "Scientists say redheads could be extinct by the year 2060. Help fight this terrifying reality by promoting their greatness through theCHIVE."

      That's because red hair is a recesive gene. The only way to avoid its extinction is to keep redheaded girls from mating with anyone other than redheaded guys.

      It's one of those cases where the cure is worse than the disease.

  • Russty

    Who is this?

  • The Dude

    is #36 Eva Angelina? If so….wise choice…..very wise choice

    • Dean Phan

      Nah, its Natalia Marie.

  • @IceGripp

    OH MY F'ING GOD! Finally found perfection in a human! #22

  • @IceGripp

    #37 contacts… fake color alert.

    • Htisss

      Bonnie Wright…she is blue eyed…now the photo might be a bit shopped….but it is not contacts.

      Pretty girl.

  • cscarbs

    #34 shopped? If not, odd looking pic but I did just wake up.

  • Nick

    red heads aren't going to extinct.. there's always some henna they can smear up on there…

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