Redheads, shut up…just shut up. You had me at “hello” (38 Photos)

  • matthias806

    wow #21

  • Matt

    No 1 what a joyful photo

  • PaYaZo

    WOW, i love RedHead!!!! #33 #35

  • Generic

    Studies show red heads are 42% more likely to take it in the ass.

  • B45op

    Damn chive I love these galleries!

  • Don Parsons


    That is all.

  • Jordan

    Who is #33?

  • Von Richthofen Kwok

    #19 made me snap my neck!!!

    #27 that look means take off your clothes dim the lights grab some oil massage her body and the safe word is "BANNANAS"

  • Von Richthofen Kwok

    like a mythical woodland creature that moves with the wind. and wears leaves for clothing , and rubs berries all over her body, and fueled only by your lustful desires!

  • AJ Rantz

    #8 I will be yours forever.. and ever.. and ever.. and until the next red hot redhead post comes out 🙂

  • Sacha

    I would definitely buy #38 as a tee-shirt !

  • Kyle

    #11 looks naughty

  • Lost In Translation

    #8 Red hair, freckles, and beautiful green eyes, a sight to beheld indeed.

  • Bugman72

    #8 freckles….yum

  • Anonymous

    How do we get ” Keep Calm and save the redheads” Shirts!!!!!

  • Zak

    I love the sweat glistening on the body of #16. Chive should start a new post…weekend workouts…

  • Italy

    #15 MOAR!!!!

  • bob


  • Rusty_Dreams

    #9 #11 #35 Oh baby!!!!

  • Greg Lee

    #15 is the most beautiful woman alive. please find her

  • its_forge

    #22 in the uncropped version I will bet you that you can see all the way up to her adenoids

  • S13nobling

    #8 & #21 HOLY CRAP they are so hot and bodacious !!! MOAR please Chive!!

  • S. Mitten

    Wow. Ultra more please!!!!!!

  • Bob

    #22 yes

  • johkur

    This week's winner? #9. I know what I'm asking Santa Claus for this year.

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