Hot Right Now: What happens when you click on ‘local singles’ ads (21 Photos)

Whatever happens, don’t say ‘Awwww’ (30 Photos)

  • AssClown

    #16 #27 I WANT THEM…NOW!

  • ChairmanMeowz


  • matthias806

    happens to me all the time #30

  • B45op

    Can you hear me now!

  • Brewdy

    #20 is next to an empty bottle of Kraken Rum..thats some good shit

  • trevor

    I don't know what #2 is but that is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. What type of dog is that? American Eskimo with a funny hair dew?

  • Tomas

    #10 is a real life Garfield! Hahaha…

  • Medium00Rare

    I was fine until #16…

  • Daniel

    #30, Sooooooo, does this chick have hairy legs or is this guy wearing women’s panties?

  • Josh Baraniak

    What ever happened to the Official Chive pets, are they being hidden away for a special Chivette/pet photo shoot?

  • Bob

    #30…Dude, why do you have a camera in the bathroom??

    • Dumabass Redneck

      you never heard of a cell phone camera?

  • Eddie

    How the hell could you not say awwww? Impossible!

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  • Jahaha!

    For all you people asking, I am 95.5% certain that it is a pomeranian!

  • NJF

    #18 I want to adopt that baby, despite the fact that it could kill me later on.

  • catkiller

    #10 i ran over one of these the other day, i felt sad for about an hour. then i thought on how i was feeding the ants, so i instantly felt better

  • markkens

    …now wait here for mommy…just wait for it…

  • SSD

    #19, awwww… yeeeaaaaa

  • mitch

    #1 Got me right off the bat, baby foxes are freaking adorable
    #16 Those huge eyes made it impossible not to say awwwwww
    #29 Red pandas are one of the coolest animals ever

  • its_forge

    #2 that's not a dog it's a Muppet

  • its_forge

    #27 "Please, pleeeeeease get this stupid ugly f***ing sweater of me plleeeeeease???"

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  • Rob

    #30 challenge accepted

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