20 reasons why the US is ranked #20 in education worldwide

  • jeau


    get the fuck over yourself editor. it's a costume.

    • Hey Zeus

      #13, seriously editor? WTF? He’s actually making fun of the assclowns in cloth that touch kids and the Catholic Church that covers it up! Maybe you should publish the email and phone number of the Vatican, cause they’re the assclowns here. Keep calm when it comes to funny Halloween costumes that push the envelope…

  • weezy


  • Smitty

    #3 – Well she is right about one thing: SHE IS TOO IMMATURE, soo not ready for a baby!
    #16 – Abortion : YOUR DOING IT WRONG!

  • 8Layers

  • "Annonymous"

    Is #13 on the list of uneducated Americans because the editor can't spell Anonymous? Keep calm, editor, and Chive the fuck on.

  • Greg

    #13 is a sort of funny costume, your editor's note is pathetic. weird time to start getting offended leo. bye chive

  • Gerry Mandering

    #15…. Dude, it's you're (you are)…

  • llknml;k

    #13 put his info up so I may contact him to applaud his hilarious costume. some one at the chive must be related to a child abusing priest if this is really all that offensive…

  • http://www.syewatts.co.uk Sye

    #13 Is an overreaction. Stop posting mostly-naked women before you get bent out of shape over a satirical Halloween costume.

  • causticcorsair


    Quit being crybabies. Learn to take a joke about a well known problem that exists in the biggest Christian church in the world. I thought you pussies had a thicker skin than that. My friends have made similar costumes and they are funny as hell. Your threat is ridiculous. If you post his info even more respect will be lost for theCHIVE which already is on the decline in my book. If anyone ever spends 20 minutes on REDDIT.COM then looks at the DAR, they will certainly figure out where chive gets their material. I still come here for your original posts, which is only Sexy Chivers as far as I can tell, and the nice compilations, but keep this garbage up and you'll lose more people.

  • Hooleyman

    #13 … I think the assclown is the Chive Editor. I suggest the Editor take that self-righteous bible gripper stick out of your ass and loosen up. Incidentally, did someone put something in the air vents over at the Chive ….you may want to call Hazmat before all your humor is gone. The pic appears to be at a costume party…and appears to be a joke at the expense of the Catholic church (is it bringing back bad memories for the Editor?) lol

  • loose_deuce

    Fucking hypocrites, what makes #13 offensive but what you posted below not? http://thechive.com/2010/08/04/photos-that-made-m

    • totalLossOfRespect


  • jeepjoe

    #15 shouldn't it be you're instead of your?

  • Harold Merkin

    So it looks like The Chive editor on this post just outed himself for being molested by his priest……..sorry bro, that must have sucked

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1520737842 Patricia Sparrow

    And again I find myself wondering why anyone would deliberately make their mouth look like an asshole.

  • The Priest

    Hmm – The priest has disappeared, looks like The Editor realised they were being a dick

  • jeepjoe

    #4 new show called hipsters and huggies

  • will

    #13 is fuckin hysterical. He’s obviously at a costume party and he’s clearly wearing the best costume there. Everyone needs to calm the fuck down.

  • totalLossOfRespect

    Nice, you just change the pic? You are a bunch of bible thumping pussies!

  • will

    #20 who’s an idiot? The guy with the hysterical priest doing mouth rape costume is clearly the man, he can’t be the idiot…

  • Eddy

    So, wait…now they're just going to remove the picture, so whenever anyone reads the comments, they're going to have absolutely no idea what's going on…..smoooooth Chive.

  • 8Layers

    You stupid homos. Posting the pic was gay, deleting it without admitting your stupidity is gayer. Grow some balls and admit you are a complete tard, Leo.

    You flexed your internet muscle and wanted to fuck with the guy and now you don't even admit being wrong. Fuck you.

  • FuckCatholics

    #13 is the best costume I’ve ever seen.

    It’s funny because that’s exactly what my catholic priest made me do! :s

  • Lost In Translation

    #5 Yo dog I heard you like pink shirts…

  • Dudley

    #13 – I agree with most of the reactions to the #13 post, since when does the chive get insulted by Halloween costume? Just removing the picture does nothing to explain why it was posted in the first place.If the image offends you don't post it. Don't turn into a Cyber Bully.

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