20 reasons why the US is ranked #20 in education worldwide

  • Ely

    unfortanetly i got to admit that #9 is in Germany , Aachen. Never thougt there would be such an idiot in the world doing this.

  • Toby

    Will Chive fess up to it? No
    Do I care anymore? No
    Do I hope the Chive staff are embaressed and realise how fucking idiotic they were? Yes
    Am I drunk right now? Yes

  • doobieking

    WTF?!? Chive, get your shit together…please. Number 13 was so obviously a brilliant, satirical costume. Lets leave our personal sentiments out of DAR etc. Its a crazy world we live in; lets allow people to express themselves. If people have the time to track down a dude wearing a priest costume at a fancy dress party (and give him shit), they have time to address the REAL issue of pedophilia; in our churches, schools, and communities. Editor. Dont be a twunt

    • OhOkayThen

      ^ cunt

      • OhOkayThen

        sorry, i'm wrong. i'm actually the cunt.

  • Wookster

    where is the original #13 pic? I want to see what the commotion is about.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=24700706 Colin Hood

    this series should be named "why the US is ranked #! in everything"

  • You Idiots


    Instead of taking down #13 and running away from the issue you should have just played it off as a joke. You would have successfully trolled the whole site. You blew it, amateurs.

    • McDundlePants

      Agreed. If they would have just said . .."my bad….that was in bad taste"… or something!!! I would be cool.

      anyone know if Cali has Cyber Bullying Laws?

  • TQ123

    #14 you're not your

  • kenman

    Is it just me or all the comments regarding# 13 actually supposed to be for a different pic…

  • kent

    The US actually has the highest ranked universities in the world, in every single subject.

  • The Mad Zak

    Hey, it's safe. He's wearing his seatbelt.

  • hkgvsadjh

    HAHAHA!!! whats wrong? Get a little too much shit for being an asshole about a dude with a funny costume? is that why you took the image down?!! now everyone thinks that people are fired up over the bank of america add (Which is not funny whatsoever and Im not exactly sure why its even posted up)

  • nouu

    thanks public school system.

  • greasdupdeafguy

    #13 is no longer the catholic priest costume. Quit bein butt hurt, Chive

  • Mike

    All you fucking faggots that are cunting about the picture put up and taking screenshots or “screencaps” like you fucking assholes call it should be fucking beat with a pipe in front of your loved ones. Shut the fuck up you stupid little cocksuckers. Go somewhere else and complain. You’re all fucking losers. And the asshole who said he went to the cops with the picture is a fucking geek fuck who never gets any ass and probably jacks off to the pictures on here. Fucking losers. I hope your families die in car wrecks. Faggots. Go blog and bitch someplace else. Chive on!

    • Mike

      Actually I'm a huge piece of shit who has no idea what I'm talking about. I in fact, I never get any ass and definitely always jack off to the pictures on here. I'm a fucking loser. Hopefully my family dies in car wreck. I'm a total closeted faggot. I'm going to go and curl up in a bitch ball like the bitch I am and attempt to blow myself, because I have severe mommy issues.

    • Anonymous

      Very bitchy.

    • McDundlePants

      Leo, is that you?

  • Daguerilla

    Are the comments reason #21?

  • HoopleDoople

    This may seem a little silly, but the name of this article is extremely off. It should be "20 results of a US education system that is ranked 20th worldwide" or something similar. As is the title led me to believe I would be seeing the idiocy that is our education system, not the idiots it produces.

  • Truth

    The pictures are not very diverse. They show too many white people in why our system is failing.

  • John Robert

    My all time favorite error of the unintelligent.
    YOU'RE = You Are
    Your = something that belongs to you.
    I am simply amazed that people continue to get this one wrong. How unfortunately stupid do you have to be
    to continue to get YOU'RE/YOUR wrong? Very, apparently.

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