Deep Fried-day, get it? (27 Photos)

via BuzzFeed

  • Harrison Walsh

    Fuck you're north american bacon. Really its fuckin shit. its like its skinned off a live pig and let to heal. Your opinion is fucking wrong, go to europe for real bacon that is isn't blackened dust.

    fuck off
    seriously no trollin' i really hate your shitty bacon

  • Nathan

    #11 is the only one that looks good. the rest looks… disgusting ..

  • WaikikiWayne

    One Question…. WHY?

  • codvip

    I feel sick….

  • Whoa

    This dude is serious about his bacon. Sorry our bacon is not up to your European standards, sometimes we eat Canadian bacon, if that makes you feel any better…If not, go drink a cup of tea and relax.

    • duckmonster

      He needs some cottage Bacon ASAP

  • Marcos

    #27 Where's the deep fried beer to go with that pizza?

  • agrwilson

    Deep fried pickles are AMAZING!!!

  • Eric Minton

    yep…most definately felt an my arteries harden looking at this pics…

  • stryder

    thats not america, thats scottish cuisine at its best(i'm from thurso, caithness they have deep fried wagon wheels on my local chippies menu). you can get deep fried what ever the fuck you want in scotland.

  • joe


  • AulaAmmar


  • Anonymous

    deep fried salmon, pork, and pickles are not out of the ordinary at all…deep fried milk is a different story, what….the….hell

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