• Jstern123456

    Ian Jackson always roots for the Cat!!!

  • Shityot

    Obviously the cat won, that dogs tinny and a bitch. Next draw cat vs cane corso

  • Brother Maynard

    Don't start nothin' won't be nothin'.

  • Slider

    That wasn't a dog. Anything less than 35lbs is a gerbil on steroids.

  • Alyson

    cats win! suck it bitches!

  • LC

    could have been at least 30 seconds shorter, but the ending was hilarious

    • NAACP

      That's what my wife says 11 times a year.

  • japowlo

    That cat ain't no pussy, and that dog's a bitch

  • phuphu

    The dog wanted to play. The cat wanted to KILL

  • Drew1720

    that dog was a bitch! lol funny stuff

  • Anonymous

    Took about 20 seconds after the video was over for me to bust out laughing…I think it had to set in. Hilarious!

  • Hundee

    And that's why little dogs suck.

  • Dorque

    Did Michael J Fox take this video?

  • monkeydoodledoo

    the dog got facepalm and clawed in the face thats why it started crying and running away.

  • http://www.lajkam.com Lajkam.com

    Angel Ears?

  • Bob

    As ultimate king of everything, I declare this video to be the PERFECT Internet video. Everyone can stop now. So speakith, the ultimate king of everything, BOB!!

  • Rick

    LMAO wow nice vid!

  • ChairmanMeowz

    meow that's what's up!

  • Douche

    Great video, would have been that much better if that jagoff coulda held the camera still. Too much coffee and cigarettes.

  • Tim Horton

    I thought they would have started powering up 😦

  • Medium00Rare

    Perfect choice of music

  • http://www.facebook.com/SammieSoonJ Sammie Soon Jones

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Made my afternoon!

  • drewdeze

    lmao that dog was like "fuck this shit he crazy!"

  • ru5h11

    The cat looked over like he was saying "Don't u !@#ing move human, you're next"

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000370658343 Oscar Cornejo

    Just AWESOME
    OWNED doggy xD

  • TChrisB

    I've got a 16 lb. cat like that. There are ladies in my neighborhood who won't walk their dogs up my street anymore. But the cat's only aggressive when the kids are in the yard. I think he's a closeted dog.

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