Pretty much everthing that’s great about tailgating (31 Photos

  • penguin slayer


    • jeston23

      Fuck you.

      • penguin slayer

        errr no thanks;)

  • Dapper_Dave

    You could have just posted #25 and been done with it,

    • Whammy

      Is that a Berry sister on the left?

      • truth

        her nose and forehead are big enough.

    • truth


  • Bobby Gosbee

    Rednecks are so ridiculous

  • Tim

    Meh, I'd rather do something fun.

    • pjsupremex

      Dear tim,
      Please remove yourself from the intense debate here on theChive. Life is not all about takin' your moped off a sweet jump. The only thing fun does not consist of any type of magic gathering or pokemon trade shows. Actually this is 'merica and in this great country there are three things that are fun; chiving, chivettes, and football. Anything and everything else inbetween is just meh as you stated. Now man up and tailgate ( waiting in line for a new external harddrive on black friday at 3 am does not count!).
      thank you for your opinion,

      • Tim

        Have fun in your parking lot.

        • Dan

          Have fun reading twilight

          • Ron

            have fun listening to justin bieber.

        • Bucky Jones

          Have fun playing Dungeons and Dragons

          • A Guy

            Have fun masturbating to hentai.

  • Bryan Fichtner

    I can't wait. Chicken wings, hot chicks and beer!

  • Rocks Off

    I'll take the H and the O from #11 and I'll have myself a HO!

    • Wahoowa


      • 'Hoos

        I love UVa as much as anyone but its "hogs" not "HOOS" 😦

        • hMMMM

          maybe they're from Arkansas…

  • UDub

    #1, let me guess, the somewhere in the South? Haha
    #9, football tailgating for U just got a LOT less fun for the next 10 years…

    • ReggieKush

      #1 by the way their dressed, I'm going to say University of Mississippi. It's a whole different world during football season there.

      • TChrisB

        Or could be just about any Kappa Alpha fraternity at a southern college. Or do they still fly the stars and bars?

      • kyatty

        You sir are correct. That's definitely Ole Miss. Their below average girls are still hot as hell. This is from a fellow SEC guy.

      • yessir

        This is at the Carolina Cup horse race in Camden SC

  • GernBlansten

    It's nice to see corn-holing is gaining popularity on today's college campus

  • Al Money

    Damn i wish football was as big in Canada as it is in the states… Crazy sick

    • Rocks Off

      Well, you'll always have the Rough Riders and Argonaughts…and curling.

    • tznatch

      you are obviously not from saskatchewan….

  • daveh873

    Ah tailgating… letting me re-live college one game at a time.

  • Kris Coleman


    my god… where did her chin go?

  • Yo Gabba Gabba

    #31 Gag balls and beer, yer doin it right buddy!

    • Gutterville

      So classy

  • Sonny

    1st Page!

    • Sonny

      #1 Get a little closer and point that camera up!

  • Noice

    #16 Hope this is strip beer pong. Nicely hot.

  • finsdeli

    Lord, I miss college. Great pics, getting jacked for foosball season

  • xxxxx

    yo dawg… #3#13#18

  • Abdicator

    #25 Both very cute (despite the nose ring), and the one on the right has great guts.

  • Truth Is

    #25.Now this is why the college game is better than the Pro game.Co-eds !

  • Christian Linenko

    Fuck #26.

    • pjsupremex

      i enjoy that pittsburgh is riding in on the shortbus! F'in retards!

      • shrmp

        total retards.
        go browns!

    • Pittsburgh

      Fuck you buddy. Come to Pittsburgh and say that shit.

      • Christian Linenko

        I will I'll be the one in the Seahawks jersey week 2.

    • SteelerFan

      Here we go Steelers here we go. You 6 time jelly?

  • Tony

    Id bang every single girl in this post

  • Joe

    Hell, USA
    Great, a bunch of assholes with too much time and money partying. I hate Americans.

  • Meh

    #5 U of L and UK fans intermingling peacefully. I love it!

    • 340Swinger

      We can co-habitat peacefully until the game starts.

  • Rick Van de Schepop

    Sorry.. but this is kinda stupid.. "tailgating" 0_o

    • john connor

      Maybe we should have riots when our soccer team loses instead, and charge the field and have people crushed when the chain link fences collapse.

      • gocubsgo!

        Wait – did Rick Van De She- poop just down this post ???

  • Bobby

    Foos ball Is da devil !!!!

  • Tucker


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