Pretty much everthing that’s great about tailgating (31 Photos

  • dagleja3

    #16 – No fair, there is no way you could play beer pong with that cleavage behind the cups!!

    • hMMMM

      or that weird face

  • maxis

    the browns actually have fans? #14

    • shaunvw

      no thats the teams bus

      • Bread

        They ride the brown snake into Cleveland.

  • Jon

    PLEASE FIND #5!!!!

  • jon

    clarification: the brunette in #5

  • pat

    #12 – Hey Chive – Anyone have 2 tix to the ND Michigan game they want to sell to a chiver…already booked the trip, now just need to be allowed in the stadium damnit!!!!! not looking for freebies!

  • Brad

    #8 Go Colts. Blue Crew sports bar.

  • The Bandit

    #3 …YES please! Want!

  • J_Dub

    I'm all for a good tailgate party, #24 is just awesome!! oh, and #25 & #16

  • derp

    #21 shows the lack of color choices at car dealerships these days…an endless parade of black, grey, silver, and white…with an occasional red/maroon thrown in.

    • XOS2

      my car is the white one on the left.

  • echogeo

    Making Daddy proud.

  • Jstern123456

    Ian Jackson Approves!!!

  • Coldzilla

    #16 so what do ya get if ya land it in the cleavage?

  • moar

    #25 … on the right …. find her!!!!

  • jeremeyes

    I feel like Jane Goodall, spying on the apes.

  • mattythegooch

    Not anymore, FUCKO'S!!! #9

  • Jognson

    11. RAZORBACKS!!

    • Tucker


  • abc

    #31 Ah Iowa State. Keeping it classy.

  • London girl

    I have never heard of 'tailgaiting'! Looks like a whole new level from having a picnic out of your car!

  • Brian King

    #31 Derp

  • thom

    No pictures of stern-gating at Husky Stadium? WTF?

  • engrishresson

    #8 screw the colts. the Texans are coming for ya this year!

    • engrishresson

      To the thumbs down poster. Yea we'll see, last time we met after Williams sacked the fivehead it took him almost a full minute to get up and that was with a shitty defensive coordinator. And a vastly improved secondary so no more picking on Kareem Jackson who likely will not start. Colt's dominance of the AFC south is over, two neck surgeries and questions about his ability to make the whole season. Yea Collins too! lol

  • whitney

    please find #25 on the left. Wow

  • Dick_Hammer

    #20 That's what you get when you drink cow piss for beer

  • garrett


    GO HOGS!

  • eddie

    they ruined a nice 240sx to turn it into a grill!? those bastards.

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