Pretty much everthing that’s great about tailgating (31 Photos

  • pete

    #25 Find 'em both!!

  • @Poopy_McPoop

    Ohio State sucks my freshly shaved testicles.

    • Marylander

      You must be a fan of the team from up north…. it's ok, not everyone is born with good taste

  • shrimpdub

    #28 I love that they're using a saw to cook on

    • Let's go buffalo

      Good to see Sabs fans on here. Wasn't expecting that

  • McBeastie

    #29 – Alright! Who wants cold pizza and warm shitty beer! Come and get it!

  • Slevin

    proly his sister

  • geoff

    #27 looks like the B school tailgate across from Elbel, no? Love the M in this post, see you next weekend, GO BLUE!!!

    • Marylander

      Their just getting hammered to deal with another loss to a better team. GO BUCKS!!!

  • james

    #28. Winner, they’re cookin with BACON baby! And they inspired me to grill some bacon wrapped shrimp skewers tonight!

  • Pretty much everything thats great about tailgating - CycloneFanatic

    […] Awesome tailgate : theCHIVE One of our fellow Cyfanatics is now officially a chiver. Photo #31, don't know who he is but he's […]

  • Steve

    #1 Total douchbag yuppie party right there. Stay away.

  • steven

    and here we have Bif and Tad taking some time off from the Polo club luncheon #12

  • Colin



  • Peter

    The first picture is actually from Carolina Cup

  • Chuck Taylor

    Good to see real cornhole represented, not "tailgate toss" or "baggo". Go ahead, be the first to tell us all how gay the name of the game is. . #9 #12 Challenge Accepted

  • PartyMarty

    #1 …. Yeah. The confederacy is….. great.

  • Billy O'Neill

    #5 is my uncle on left score

    • Billy O'Neill

      #7 sorry sorry

  • minkus1937

    #28 ive actually partied with before, they go to all the sabers/bills games.. they are fun guys

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #14 Touchdown!

  • T

    I need soooo much more of #11, second from the left!!

  • Marcos

    #25 Soooo glad to see football season is here! 😉

  • Blake

    Now if we just put this amount of ingenuity into our space program we may be colonizing mars by the turn of the decade.

    Forget it, they don't have beer, burgers, and the GREEN BAY PACKERS on mars!!!!!! GO PACK!

  • Houssain Rizk

    the world have people dumb it is the American

  • Robbybobby

    #26 Steeler Fan and a Short Bus, sounds about right.

  • Moi

    In England, 'tailgating' is something that only assholes do- driving along *really* close the the car in front. This post confused me =P

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