Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

  • TWA

    If cats were only as cool in real life as they are on caturday………

    • Matt


    • varlotto

      My friend has a cat at his apartment and its name is Cat (or kitty for short) and it's this cool, he never hisses and you can just pick him up whenever. He did rip up my friend's sheets though, and poop/pee on his bed.

      • Brandon

        Isn't "Kitty" longer than "cat"?

        • Euler

          Who the fuck knows? You some kinda mathematician? HMM?!

    • Claude M.

      If only the internet could fully communicate the coolness of cats in real life . . .

      there would be peace on earth,
      no hidden charges in cell phone service or credit cards,
      snack foods would be healthy,
      and eating chocolate would make you lose weight.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #10 Nice pussy lips.

    • NebraskaGuy

      haha I see what u did there 😉

    • Ang

      I see what you did there.

    • SeaBassEX

      What you did there, I can see it.

      • What

        Did what you there, see it can I.

    • Ryan

      On a sort of related note, I finally got my NO DUCKFACE PLEASE shirt and my chive bumper sticker so today is a good day.

  • Bite me

    Cats still making Saturday suck on the Chive….

    • hardcoreparkour

      Simple solution. Don't look at Cat Saturday posts.

    • lily

      caturday rules

  • wells11490

    #3 #19 catnip will get you everytime

  • iDary

    i like pie

    • Ezee

      What…why are people downgrading? Do they not like pie?

      • Lex


  • AssClown

    #22 Dude…where the fuck am I?

    • Graham

      I was thinking skeptical cat is skeptical.

  • AssClown

    #15 Cat ear – surprisingly well placed.

    • varlotto


      • AssClown

        Do you smell sarcasm anywhere? Oh yeah, my post is full of it…

  • lynch

    eat a dick paula.

    • DaddyD

      Who is Dick Paula? And why should I eat only one?

  • DUH

    I Hate Trollls.

  • Ouchmaker

    #17 obvious joke is obvious?

  • Radu Răducu

    #17 Pussy rides a cock , nice.

  • Killer Whale

    #14 This asshat obviously wants attention. So chivers send me their contact details and I will post it on the chive for all to see. You will remain anonymous

    • Ezee

      Good call…Chive still gets thumbs down for yesterday.

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        People still whining about a picture that was up for less than 2 hours a day later… nice…

  • dante37

    #11 Why is that dining room tiled? Or is it just a table in a huge bathroom?

    • fredfender

      In Soviet Union you do not question the Party's decisions on the decorating nor the mean course being served!

    • ros


    • Paul

      Its easier to clean the walls after the grandkids draw on them with crayons or whatever else they get in there hands…

  • Dan

    #23 Many guys are now thinking "Thank god cats can't talk".

    • WirelessCable

      I kinda don't have to worry about that… and yet I have a cat

  • aaahso

    #2 He is trying to save the owner from watching shitty reposts and lame comments.

    • brokeneggshells

      Lame comment about lame comments is lame.

  • for real

    theChive – Going downhill since 2011.

    • WirelessCable

      4real, get a grip, if theChive's humor/content is not appealing, go away!
      4chan (if you're into that)
      need I say moar?

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        4chan is one of the creepiest places I have ever been too, and I shall not recommend it to any human being.

        • Airwalktdk666

          It may be creepy, but once you get around it you will end up king of memes.

          • WirelessCable

            I am already king of the In Soviet Russia meme… and I've never been to 4chan…

        • _bigdeal

          lol yeah. my first visit i dont think i closed my mouth from the sheer horror on display.

    • dave

      "for real" is probably one of those guys that says "First", gets all excited about it and jacks off, then hits refresh and sees that his commented ended up 19th and starts crying.

      • dave

        "commented"? I suck a bag of dicks…

  • HAHSO -95P

    #26 and its saying thechive is full of assholes and whores.



    • DUH

      Hey, It's that troll "Truthserum".
      Both of you suck.
      STFU and GTFO !

  • Brian King

    Dear Chive, Please do us all a favor and move CatSaturday to TheBerry where it belongs.

    • Brewdy

      Shouldn't you be reading a Maxim in your parents basement?

      • Brian King

        Of course. All Chivers do it.

    • Bobsky

      You could just simply not click on the CatSaturday link….

      • R.C.

        That takes thought and brains…lol

    • Jason

      I remember a time (while deployed) that Chive didnt post anything on the weekends, so Cat Saturday is ok.

    • hatetrolls

      if u have such a problem with it then just skip over the file, the chive is not here to please "you" they are here to please everyone dumbfuck

  • Rodrigo Ferrari

    #4 so true

  • TitoRigatoni

    #17 I brought home dinnerz, you just needs to kill it and clean it and cook it.


  • NebraskaGuy

    #17 Pussy looooves the cock!

  • ChairmanMeowz

    Yay! My favorite day! Have a good one meow!

  • DUH

    #26. Meow
    It's Caturday.

  • MidwestChiver

    #22 hey have you seen my glasses

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