Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

  • Mike

    Fuck cats

    • Adam

      No, cats fuck you.


    that cat has his shit figured out.

  • Jason

    Fuck mike

  • Marcos

    #1 soon

  • Ark3000

    Your new eBay add every page I open makes me not only hate eBay, it makes chiving frustrating and fu$&ing lame!

    • Rayn

      No one cares whether you chive or not. Its these ads that make chiving possible. So go eat c@k

  • Jenny Lozano

    #7 i love these cats its cute walking into the room and seeing them all sleep with each other.

  • Mike likes to fuck cats

    Yes he does

  • Mike

    Yes I do

  • Pissed

    The damn eBay adds need to go

  • Chad

    These damn eBay are ruining the mobile chive experience

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  • yeahbaby

    #24 Ray Charles Piano Solo Cat gave me a big lol.

  • The Mad Zak

    I thought I would never see a picture of a pussy choking its chicken.

  • honest abe

    #21 that's the first time cat meat's been in one of those containers…

  • Jordan Findley

    Dear makers of Chive.
    I usually never read the comments posted on the Chive because I'm not really that bored. I'm a huge multitasker on the internet. However, I scrolled through a few today because I wanted to see if anyone had witty comments about #21 with the Beef Ramen, and I was appalled at the distastefulness of the commenters. Maybe it's a Caturday thing, but I thought the chive community was special and wholesome. Not filled with teenage idiots and trolls. I'm sorry you guys have to read this scum, but in the end–Thank you for Caturday.

  • Paul

    I love people that bitch about this site and just keep coming back time after time…

  • bdabud

    #4 – truth! mine like the plastic rings from milk containers.

  • McguireJanna

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  • nouu

    #23 i lol'ed

  • jackie_d_1989

    oh my gooooonnesss keyy catttts. love em.

  • sazzman


    Looks like Cuba.

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