Not Cool, Best Buy (1 Photo)

best buy what Not Cool, Best Buy (1 Photo)

As hurricane Irene bears down on the Jersey Shore, the Best Buy in Howell, NJ has taken it upon themselves sell cases of Dasani water for $40.56. One of the DJs for New Jersey 101.5 just sent this photo to theCHIVE.

At a time when it’s so important for these seaside communities to come together to help each other out (maybe even lower the price on water, eh), it’s disappointing to see a massive corporation like Best Buy not only assume zero social responsibility, but also go the extra mile to make a buck by selling bulk cases of water at the single bottle price during an emergency.

So I put it to you, Chivers. Is this ethical?

UPDATE: I just called Best Buy and spoke to one employee and a manager to confirm the photo. Both refused to answer my questions and told me I had to call corporate offices. My response was, ‘All you have to do is deny that you are doing this. It’s that simple.’
Neither party denied it. Instead I was rudely directed to corporate and then they hung up on me.

UPDATE #2: The manager of the Best Buy has responded and said, “… Sunday August 28th 2011, we will (be) price matching any local supermarket’s price for cases of water if they are needed for one day only as a gesture of good will.”

  • Brandy

    When Katrina hit and everyone fled to TX, the stores where I lived at the time didn't do this. Everyone knew there was a supply problem. The stores called corporate and had all shipments of water forwarded to the south and kept the prices the same. All they did was LIMIT the number you could purchase so everyone could get a fair share. This is absolutely disgraceful. Shame on whoever made this decision.

  • Paul

    Not to be a prick but where in the picture do you the stores name… I dont see BEST BUY anywhere… Picture can be from anywhere…

  • Captain Fantastic!

    Just sent a nice little note to the corporate office. In short, I wished that if the CEO or his minions head-off to their local state fair, I wished that their bungee cord be too long…

  • AllyHo

    Thank you for re-affirming my hatred for Best Buy.

  • TurdFerguson

    Best Buy sells water?

  • Steve

    1. It's not price gouging that's just the regular price.
    2. Yes if they did raise the price to control distribution of supplies it would benefit all its called the free market open a fucking book.
    3. Read the case of the supply of ice after Katrina when the government controlled distribution and then had shortages because they wouldn't let the market supply ice.
    4. It's Darwinism if you're too fucking stupid to stay when you know a deadly hurricane is bearing down on you, you deserve everything you get. Eventually when your dumbass is stuck on your roof some brave rescuer is going to have to risk his life to save yours.
    5. If you want to live in a socialist society when ere everything is supplied and controlled by the government move to Cuba i hear life's great there. And quit fucking up our CAPITALIST society.

  • Dave

    I’m sure the guy who made those signs also took the picture…douchebag.

  • Coreen

    *cough. We shouldn't be drinking bottled water unless it's an absolute emergency anyway. Plastic, BPA's, the ridiculous environmental cost of bottling (essentially) tap water and shipping it all over- it's a disgusting industry to begin with, never mind Best Buy in this equation.

    I know this is about getting water and essential goods to people in need during an environmental disaster, but today this loyal Canadian Chivette can't help thinking: Fuck you, Best Buy, but fuck all who support bottled water up their water logged anuses as well. If I understand this correctly this is just "per bottle' pricing, so essentially you pay that all the time when you grab a single water to go with your lunch, so what's so different today?
    Alright my American friends, sorry for the rant, but we can do better than 'smart water' by the bottle.

    • Coreen

      I agree with just drinking beer, however, that's a solid plan xD

  • jeff

    im going as far as to say this is fake…. not likely that bestbuy has a sku for a bulk case of water, and if they do they wouldnt hand write signs.. it would be a standard large product sign like all of their other product… likely that this was set up by someone, or set up by an employee as a joke. as an ex bestbuy warehouse employee for 4 years that what it looks like to me. BUT maybe this store is just totally dumb….

  • Rick

    My father owns a plumbing store, before the hurricane we drove 6 hours away to get pumps from a supplier. I asked my dad, "has the price gone up on these yet?" ya know what he said?
    If you screw people when they need you most, they're not gonna come to you when it's not an emergency.
    I really doubt that this act of Best Buys was illegal, but it surely didn't help their company. If they'd given away the water they'd have probably made buyers that would be loyal for the rest of their lives. Instead they said screw you, we don't really care.

    • Steve

      I doubt that people still shop where its cheapest, are you going to pay $150 extra for a TV because you got a couple bottles of water?

  • Eric

    Here's the real question… Why are you people buying bottled water at best buy?

  • Oblivious

    I guess the real question is….. Why are you getting your water at Best Buy? I don't go to a grocery store and purchase a PC.

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  • findherfindher


  • DinoGirl

    $40.56 / 24 = $1.69
    23.88 / 12 = $1.99

    This is how much you would have happily paid per bottle, if you were to just buy one from the store on your way out.
    It's not price gouging. It's selling in bulk at the same price you pay every other day of the week.
    It's Best Buy, not a grocery store.

  • woody with a w

    how to rip off best buy legally

    …go to store to purchase high end electronic equipment, like a wide screen tv
    …allow employee to show you all the accessories your need to make this electronic gadget really shine
    …buy all the extras as long as you get a significant price drop in the high end electronic price
    …return a day or so later and return all the extras but keep the big ticket item
    …you just got a big ticket item for a much more reasonable price

  • Sarah

    It's a shame. I live near Joplin, MO and after the recent tornado ripped through the town I volunteered and am proud to say, the only thing they had an excess of was water.

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  • Hugo

    Aww shit. I work for Best Buy and thats just not right. Im Sure corporate didn't have anything to do with it. That manager must be a DICK… Like the jimmy said. "Throw a brick through their fucking window. "

  • riley

    that's what best buy sells water for per bottle then multiply that by the amount for the case price. yes best buy sells dasani for $1.69 a bottle.

    a video about how "price gouging" is actually good.

  • The Mad Zak

    I e-mailed Best Buy about this two days ago. No reply yet. Do you think I will get one?

  • Paul Johnson

    $2 gets you a 710mL coffee at Starbucks, which works out to 0.281690141¢/mL. The Dasani on the right is a 24 pack of 500mL bottles, which works out to 0.338¢/mL. This means the water is actually 20% more expensive than Starbucks coffee.

  • Ziggy

    Has anyone heard any more on this? Has Best Buy officially commented on this? Better yet…….has the manager been fired over this?

    There's making money and there is being morally reprehensible. Someone clearly crossed the line.

    It's another shining reason why I don't shop at Best Buy. Ripping off the elderly and the non-tech savvy wasn't enough for them.

  • Name

    1.69 or 1.99 a bottle is outrageous. If you don't like it, don't buy it.

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