Soooo…. you got wasted (25 Photos)

  • koolio

    Yea #25 is hilarious. That picture should be in the museum of American art. The embodyment of our youth. Wasted and somewhat healthy

  • scott

    750ml is only 25oz newb

    • Nerdboobs

      Sure, but you're missing the entire point: Which variety of sloppysauce — two 40oz bottles of malt liquor or two 750mL bottles of hard liquor — should one duct -tape to their hands if they want to get embarrassingly drunk?

      Hard liquor, as a general rule, has a much higher alcohol content by volume measurement than malt liquor. For example, a 750 milliliter bottle of hard liquor typically has an ABV of 40% (80-proof) and contains about 20 standard servings of alcohol, whereas 40 ounces of most malt liquors have an ABV measurement of 6% and contain the equivalent of 5-6 standard servings of The Good Stuff.

      Two 750mL bottles of Bacardi (equal to 50ish ounces all together), though lacking in volume when compared to the 80 ounces of malt liquor, contain roughly 40 standard servings of booze, while 80 ounces of malt liquor will provide a 10-12 servings when all is said and done. So, unless you're really digging the idea of pissing out some metabolized Olde English remnants every ten minutes (which is really difficult when you have glass bottles as hands), using 750mL bottles of hard alcohol is the more efficient way to go if you're looking to show the world just how much of a fuck you do not give.

      TL;DR: When considering Badass-edry, (2 x 750mL hard alcohol) > (2 x 40oz malt liquor).

      Newb mah ASS.
      Love, Laina

      • Mac the Intern

        Boom, done.

  • ben

    #10 all i have to say is
    ben from staten island

  • Colten

    Chive, your eBay add freaaaaaking blows. And I can’t view desktop mode ob my iPhone.. John, you are better than that my friend. If it’s a currency gain thing, then I know for a fact you can find more efficient and less aggravating ways, please.

  • ben

    #10 all i have to say is SHNOODA
    ben from staten island

  • Lolita

    #14 Thats me

  • togaen

    #2 Rainbow shirt. Find her.

  • Kevin

    Yes! eBay ad blows goats worse than the old dead space saver ad!

  • Brian King

    #9 Typical Frat Boy

    • Ang

      Is that a pledge pin, on your blazer? A pledge pin?

      • kmart

        I honestly think that was my pledgemaster….hey Pete if that's you kmart says whats up

  • Brian King

    #25 I know where this is going to go….

    • Ang

      Well of course it's going in the corn hole.

  • JimC

    So it's true that bros drink Keystone Light?


  • Nanook

    #16 Alice Bowie?

  • ScrotieMcBoogerballs

    #10 Sounds like an excuse for a bunch of gay guys to be in the bathroom together and possibly get gay.

  • H3YBlinkin

    Damn eBay drop ad……

  • lolk

    #18 Canada…. drinking real beer unlike these panzy americans with all their watered down piss

    • Ambush Steve

      Canoe beer's what it's called because it's like making love in a canoe.

      Fucking close to water.

  • Moesef


  • kmart

    Is that THE Peter Hennings in #9?

  • Max

    EBAY sucks

  • James

    #6 her window is going to open and slam shut real fast!
    #25 ribbed for 6's pleasure!

  • bkfrijoles

    #21 Laina

  • costa66

    fucking boring and stupid. get a new intern. NOW.

  • Seneca

    #18…I’m pretty sure I used to live in this here…and I’m pretty sure I was holding the camera for #15. oh fuck I drink too much.

  • revski87

    #10, sausage fest
    lamping is the new planking

  • defiantDOOKIE

    You losers drink shitty beer.

  • dez troyer

    dear poster of #
    10.. your friends are faggots.. and since you allowed that shit to happen.. you can go fuck yourself as well

    • Joe

      Dear dez,

      Your name is Dez, and I find that hilarious.

      • destroyer

        Dear Joe,

        He is trying to spell "destroyer." I find it hilarious that not only is he ignorant, his is also an idiot.

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