User submit of 1-161 IN out of Bremerton, WA (21 HQ Photos)

These shots were taken at Yakima Training Center, Washington State, during Annual Training, 2010 and 2011. We are C Co, 1-161 IN, a tank company out of Bremerton, WA. We have been deployed twice as part of the 81st HBCT, Washington Army National Guard. Both times were in Iraq. The majority of the Soldiers have been with us since our second deployment in 2008-2009 out of Balad where we did convoy security. We had quite a few situations with IEDs and some of the guys were hit pretty badly. Fortunately, everyone made it home in one piece.
Thanks Andres and your team for the service and sending these in.
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  • Bill57

    thank you for your valiant service Sir.

  • jhawk007

    Ah gunnery, alot of waiting but truly awesome good time when its your turn. Great pictures, thank you for sharing.

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