And you think you’re anal (12 photos)

The artist behind tidying up this art is Ursus Wehrli. Check out his coffee table book HERE

  • commodoresixtyfour

    wheres paula?!

    • Lawndart

      Oh gosh, I hope she's not… WORKING!!

    • GernBlansten

      As a resident of Earth, you should be aware of these things we have called "time zones". See, as the Earth rotates , clocks are adjusted to reflect the time in relation to the Sun's position for that region.

      I think that you should know that Paula lives in a different one than you do. In all likelihood, she us sipping some form of adult beverage while the rest of us waste time at work.

      • Mark Sawa
      • Paula_

        Ah if it wasn't for your insightful wisdom…
        It's currently 20:10 over here. Oh wait, do americans understand 24h time formats?

        "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
        — LG –

        • GernBlansten

          Just carry the 12.

          got any free drinks?

      • commodoresixtyfour

        wow dude i wasnt really asking where paula was it was more a poor attempt at humor but thanks for clearing up the notion of "time zones" for me that was really informative and when has "time zones" ever stopped her before?

  • Rick james

    Shes not even second

  • TazeMeBro

    #6 – FAIL! The stems aren't in size order.

    • Johnny Two Toes

      Smallest to largest is apparently no longer an order.

      • The_Dood

        The first is bigger than the second, therefore your argument is invalid.

        • Doodle

          Jeez, picking at straws aren't we? HA? Oh wait those are sticks not straws 😦

    • Kaiwatha

      that's the first thing i noticed too….

    • tawhitlow

      the pine needles should be in equal rows

  • cjwhookid

    Hehehehe, Anal (Peter Griffin voice)

    • Silentstatic

      (rehab lady) Whats your name? …..

      (peter) "uh uh Pea, uh Tear, ……. uh uh uh Griffin yeah Peter Griffin, ah crap"

      Best response ever


    Monica from Friends?

  • Mr. Rushing

    #11 – Made me laugh.

    • dagleja3

      Guess they decided against organizing all the dots, lol.

    • Nocturnesthesia

      I have OCD, this one made me cringe


    Too…much…neatness! /messes everything up again

    • jeffie

      Should be sorted by color and in separate bags.

  • read the comments!
    • AmBush Steve

      Give up.

      • Yo Steve

        Go suck a bag of dicks.

        • AmBush Steve

          Good comment. Well thought out.

          Thanks for the constuctive feedback.

          • you're welcome

            so many dick bags go unsucked, and you seem to be perfect for the job.

            • AmBush Steve

              Can you explain exactly what you mean by a "dick bag". Do you mean scrotum? If so, just say so. I personally haven't seen any type of bag that holds a bunch of dicks. You on the other hand seem to be quite familiar with them.

        • mattythegooch

          The entire bag?? or one at a time…

          • Ilya Josefson

            Do I have to make them all cum?

        • The_Dood

          So when you see Mr. cocksmoker after the show just say "Hey cocksmoker! Eat a bag of dicks."

  • The Real LG

    Oooops ,i thought John has posted some pics of mine. False Alarm.

    • @sterlingsylvir

      I wish your cats, that you're hoarding, could notify the authorities of the horrible sexual acts you've performed on them.

    • Captain Charley

      holy shit that was actually really really funny, congrats the real LG

  • fredfender

    #8 just looks like they're moving. Still green crud on the floor!

  • Hand Of Fate 127p

    I love Anal. ❤

    • NebraskaGuy

      I hope you're a woman

      • duh

        or maybe a guy that likes doing women in the ass? Just a guess.

      • Hand Of Fate 127p

        Naaaah am a regular butt pirate.

  • NothingToSeeHere

    Every time I eat M&Ms I have to arrange them in rainbow order first. True story. I probably need help…

    • jeffir

      Good, but I also eat any extra, that keeps the colors from being equal in numbers. Then one from each color to keep it even.

  • no thank you

    Your Butt – o
    Your Butt after a Chive Meet up – O

    • theweathermansaliar


    • Just Sayin'

      Your butt after paula is finished with you:
      | |
      | |

      • Just Sayin'

        OH SHI-!

  • cookiesncream

    #10 isn’t the same bowl

  • Jdub ottawa

    I’m anal about the sex I have! W your momma and sister

  • Daba

    i love anal

  • Lost In Translation

    Seems normal to me.

    • DaddyD

      Good. Glad I'm not the only one.

  • Mario Alberto Rdz Vela

    I don't get it..

  • Da Sandman

    i'm what…??

  • arrowflight

    Thought this was about something completely different….

  • Coldzilla

    OK after reading the title in my RSS feeder I have to say Im kinda disappointed o.0

  • Paul

    Looks Like 'Monk' was here…

  • amanda

    thank you, chive, for knowing that anal and anal retentive are not the same thing.

  • Paulo

    Stop wasting my fucking time.

  • JHL1

    This is also a comment.

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