Get there in the M1117 Guardian (25 Photos)

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  • Bill57

    Nice, I like it.

  • DieLawn19k

    Looks a lot like a BRDM, the MPs use them here in Korea and I always have to do a double take just to make sure whenever they roll by in them.

  • kith

    #14 hey i seen this tubes on tanks and other armored vehicles does anyone know what it does? are they for grenade launchers, flares? thanks

    • Logan

      Smoke and flares.

    • Rick

      thanks for the quick response Logan, and thanks for asking the question Kith, if you ever have a tech question, always ask it and I'll do my best to get ya an answer (this reminds me that I haven't done a post on ground vehicles firing flares)

  • Doc

    Back in 2007, being in an ASV (M1117) was riding in style. I was stuck on an up-armored humvee as a .50cal gunner, sweating to death while my buddy had a dual .50cals and was opening the hatch to let hot air in because the A/C worked so well in that thing. Super quiet too.

  • Rodell

    These machines are amazing. Very smooth ride (even with pizza sized holes in tires) lots of AC and you can easily rig the radio so you can listen to music on the headsets. Not to mention you get 40 mike and 50 cal side by side. Oh and as Doc said you can sneak up on somebody its so quiet and i can attest to that

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