You had to park there, right? (38 Photos)

  • Trent

    #1 Is completely acceptable.

    #36 Is not.

    • NonBrit

      I've been known to wedge a compact next to a double parker.

    • duke

      #1 is not acceptable….im the type of person who will park as close as possible to them

  • gsxrdennis

    #1 also not seeing a problem there, and thats some weak shit getting a boot on the lambo

  • C-Mo

    #11 and #22 are the SAME parking spot. must be the dedicated asshole spot right?

    • JAFitC

      They are not he same. #11 has a handicapped insignia on the pavement and a handicapped sign, #22 does not.

      • sam

        look at the mountain in the background for both, definitely the same spot

        • Geoff

          yea same sams club, just one row back further with the mustang.

    • D3AN

      looks like just an isle back.

  • t0ol

    #37 ..not supposed to tow them like that. they actually come with stickers you can put on your windows to tell the tow company to use a flatbed..otherwise there goes the tranny. sux for that guy.

    • USB

      Moral of the story. Don't be fucker, and park where you're not supposed to and your car won't get fucked up.

  • yep!

    and people wonder why their cars sometimes get key'd….

  • mero

    You should be able to legally key douche parkers..

  • Tyrone Shulaces

    I pulled up at a parking valet in my Lotus a couple of weeks ago, and the douche valet immediately starts pleading his case why I should let him take my car for a joy ride. I was like, "No chance in hell, and if I come back and anything is even parked close to it, I'm stomping a mudhole in your ass."

    I'm not a total asshole though, when I came back and it was fine, I gave him a 20.

  • Buford_Justice

    perfectly acceptable if you have a car like that
    ass move but kinda funny because its obtrusively large

  • USB

    Lol @ yellow Lambo with yellow boot.

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