GIFs, zonk me out already would ya

  • t0ol

    fuck paula

    • Shawn Michael George


    • CDN

      No thanks, I'd rather not.

    • Brian King

      I want to #4 to #8

    • tawhitlow

      Why is this the first post in every gallery? It was funny one time. Give it a rest

  • zero5ed


  • Bill57

    i'll take #8 to go hold the clothes

    • chefmaster

      Eliza Dushku is the only one in that shot that makes that look good.

      • Tairryn

        My thoughts exactly. The one in the black tank's Derp Face almost ruins it… almost…

        • LuvH8fulChix

          I watched the derp face for about two minutes trying to figure out if it was sexy or not.

      • DaddyD

        And your point would be?

        • Jay

          Where's the gif of the girl with the big ass from that movie?

  • JP Souza

    #8 Whenever I leave the house, girls come up to me and they're all like…

    • DrROBOTO

      jazz hands??

    • Slauterhause

      Freaking YES, YES just YES.

  • HeyJewed

    #4 Why does the guy in the back not seem as upset as he probably should?

    • Yup

      its steve-o in the back and chris pontius in front. on wildboyz

      • @ABQLifer

        well that explains the gayness

    • Will13

      i thought it was pee-wee herman in the suit thats all

    • Ha.Ha.

      He's probably in shock

      • DrROBOTO

        because his mouth is full…….

    • PianoFingers

      "Why does the guy in the back not seem as upset as he probably should?"
      – to answer that question, we will have to ask Why did they dress up like that, there?

  • Lower

    I could watch #8 all day.

  • novocaine

    #13 Hate Scum United, but that's an awesome feint. Skills.

    • JP Souza

      sweet move. most people on here will think he missed the pass.

      • jdb

        If that is an actual soccer "move" then I am glad I don't know anything about the sport, because it is even dumber than I thought.

        • Phontsolo

          You are a moron. It's just like an American football quarterback faking a pass to a wide out on one side of the field to fake out the safety. Moron.

    • snoobs89

      i take it your an embarressed arsenal fan. and so you should be embarressed

      • novocaine

        Liverpool fan actually. Slightly less embarrassed.

        • Chris Scharff


          • GhostOfCaesar

            You'll Never Win Anything

    • Stevo

      great, here come the soccer fans, always a pleasant debate.

      • Jen

        Seriously…soccer is great, blah…….blah blah…..blah blah. Fuck soccer, bunch of glorified track runners.

        • Jen

          BRING ON THE HATE!

          • larry

            wanna make out?

            • Jen

              I'm a dude.

        • Colin Murphy

          Yeah, except you run and skillfully dribble the ball and set up tactics that have to last long periods of time in order to outsmart your opposing team.

          American Football? You throw a ball, and then 4 men sprint to run and catch it. Now who's a track runner? and then play stops every 30 seconds so they can have a break and think of a new play because their steroid ridden brains can't remember what the hell could come up next.

          You can hate football (soccer), that's your right. It annoys me because of all the theatrics and diving that for some reason is now seen as 'part of the game' but you can't really call them glorified track runners when the American equivalent is all about sprinting either after a ball, or through a line of defence. There's way more to soccer than American Football.

          • @sterlingsylvir

            Yea, cause 260lb, 6', steroid injected linebackers are so easy to just "sprint" past, especially after getting a 30 second break to think about how to do it. Oh wait there is 11 of them, all trying to do the same thing to you, which is kill you, legally too.

            • whirrrrr

              Yes. Yes they are.

              I think we're done here.

        • Phontsolo

          And your a glorified moron.

      • GhostOfCaesar

        I bet you're Canadian. No one blames you for this.

    • Keith

      Anderson is starting to finally justify his price tag!

    • jimmy the cat

      Yeah boy thats how its done. teaching those bitches at Arsenal how to play ball

  • Dan

    #15 WTF? not sure if possessed or epic….maybe epically possessed

    • Patricio

      They made the floor look like a wall, and they're sitting against the wall. My siblings and I would do that all the time when we were kids….

      • TheDisillusioned

        Don't ruin the magic!!

      • n1ghtstalker

        So where is the video camera? Stuck to the roof?

      • Fasteddy14

        Cool story Houdini…you mean that pooch wasn't really walking on the wall?

      • PoorDawg

        Spider Dog, Spider Dog, does whatever a Spider Dog does

    • Ha.Ha.

      or may be epically bored

    • @ABQLifer

      the last great gif made by stanley kubrick

  • mooseknuckle907

    #12 why swerve into the on coming lane?

    • guielmo


      • caleb

        That right there is pig-cam. Must have been a donut stand on the left.

        • spook01


    • Gutterville

      I'm guessing britsh drivers in america

      • Shawn Michael George

        Nope, just women.

    • walther

      coz the driver was already heading left before they even see the on coming car. thats why

    • Jordan

      Because it was a woman driving. They are all idiots. Good thing they can cook and suck.

    • Machinist

      I've heard a theory, that lefthanded people sometimes make defensive turns to the opposite side of righthanded people… since southpaws protect their main side (left) they use the right side to take any impact, so they'll swerve left…

      • asdf

        maybe they'd just rather have the passenger take the impact…

        …southpaws can be dicks sometimes

    • hMMMM

      it's a cop…what do you expect

      • CaptainInsano

        Take the chance you get T-Boned on the passengers side, the other guy clearly isn't rational so don't expect him to swerve any particular way

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          Is there anyway that we can get it to play frame-by-frame? I thought it was two cops running into each other at first because the SUV was going head on towards the truck, but then swerved when he saw the cop. That or really bad timing.

    • mitter78

      Why? Because fuck you, that's why.

      • mooseknuckle907

        Well played sir. *nods head in approval*

  • Dolfan0925

    #8 no idea why, but I'm hungry for clams…….

    • Ha.Ha.

      Hurricane Irene?

  • fgg

    #6 the bigger you are..

    • hMMMM

      the more spectacular your split shall be!

    • SWAFF

      the harder the lulz?

  • fgg

    #2 made it hard to fap to #8

    • JHL1

      Why the hell would you look at Clooney while fapping?

  • No one

    #6 God you can practically hear something tearing

    • GreatCowGod

      Good grief, he had to have torn everything down there…

  • C.C.

    Who just so happens to be there with a camera at these moments?

  • Just Sayin'

    #13 i 8 2 break it to you but you missed the ball.

    • ddd

      Not as much as you missed the point of a feint

    • Railgun_Sniper

      And you missed the point.

    • Leonel

      Yankees don't get football.

      • 'Merican

        That's not football it's soccer

        • Da Sandman

          no it's football… and it's way to complicated for you retards

          • Dutch

            yeah, real complicated. use feet only – no hands, kick ball into square. got it.

          • larry


        • Wisdom Man

          it is football, american football isnt because you barely play the ball with your foot….

      • drew

        Generalizations sure are fun.

        • Dead embryonic Cells

          and you sure are a pontless individual

          • millipede

            Death fan?

      • joe from wisconsin

        he kicked it with the left foot and then fake kicked with his right foot it to deceive his opponents…not really quantum physics…

        • Railgun_Sniper

          Other way round dude. watch again.

    • Just Sayin'

      I think you all missed the 'point' with the united 8 – 2 arsenal score…

      and it's football. not soccer.

      • millipede

        To people in North America, it is "soccer". Get over it.

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          I would have gone with in the United States because you are probably going to piss of Canadians and Mexicans, but your point is still valid. People in the States call it soccer, people everywhere else call it football. People in the States call chips, french fries. There's no need to compare dick sizes everybody, it's just a cultural and language barrier. Americans bash football for the dramatics/divers, and everyone else bashes American football because they don't use their feet. At the end of the day both sports are awesome in their own right. Besides, if the NFL keeps it up with all these fines for hitting too hard American Football will soon have dramatics/divers; Am I right?

  • Josh Gorter

    #9 I think I laughed way too hard at this.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      a conveyor belt?

    • Jen

      wasn't funny….at all

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #12 head-on collision bonus! +100 points
    #15 erm…theres a dog on your wall


    #8 Please find them all!

    • Brannigan

      That's a GIF from the movie Bring It On, so go to IMDB and you'll probably find most of them

  • Leonel

    #13 How and when did Anderson get so good all of a sudden? He's netting like crazy now, and his play on the pitch is brilliant. Brilliant move.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #4 Guys of all species can get pretty desperate. You've done dumber things than this animal. admit it.

  • GernBlansten

    #2 looked like the dog whisperer until you got to the nose…..

    • Robert Gamecock Childs

      lmao! i thought it was Jay Leno at first

  • Mike

    #8 Check out the face on the one in the blue shorts…she is enjoying this!

  • untamedride

    #8 darn that Eliza. she always sucks me back in

    • the elusive

      you could only wish she would suck you in…

  • das_Hoff

    #8 Making me think we a bit overdue for some yoga pants pictures.

  • AmBush Steve

    Can anyone make out exactly what she's kicking off of the tracks in #14?

    • Jeff Martincic

      was wondering the same thing…

      • Jeff Martincic

        oh not that its 1 frame you can tell…little kid.

    • panama99

      Little baby boy wearing a white baseball cap

    • wolvman

      a baby

    • the elusive

      That's Paula's grandma…

    • MeDrA

      "Javi & Lucy".

    • WirelessCable

      It's a UK commercial known as kick the baby… I can't remember what it was about tho…

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