Girls you can take home to your cellar (25 Photos)

  • reaperACTUAL

    Holy Hell, Bob!!! Warn us before you spring the Snorlax (#18) on us!!!! Thats some frightening shit there!!

  • dutches

    the first girl is actually a swedish blogger 🙂 so.. not exactly russian! ;P // swede

  • terd ferguson

    Stop the DUCK FACE!!!

  • KeepCalm617

    #20 looks like my favorite baseball glove.

  • Ryan Honeycutt

    so much duck

  • daily chiver


  • HappyHooligan

    I've died and gone to hell!!!

  • REA


  • Pepper

    #16 Why is GAGA posing w/that Russian chick? #4 Dude! The tan is awful enough, but the lip gloss is cause for a b!tch slap since you look like one!

  • Anras

    I think i'm scarred for life. also, I may have vomitted slightly…

  • nade



  • Stang

    Holy duckface, batman!

  • Retired Navy

    Not enough beer and jim beam to mak me even think about it

  • Charlie

    #15 can take me home to her cellar!

  • fabi87

    whats with their lips? all of them!

  • gman

    No, No, and Hell No. WTF? Duck face and nutella.

  • Jordan Kelso Wyatt

    Soooooo maaaany DUCK FACES!!!!!!!!!

  • suil

    OMG!!! It looks like the ´Jersey Shore´ and Lady Gaga had sex and this was thier offspring!! (no offence intended… well just a little).

  • nick

    fuck these auto play videos, keep it up and i wont be visiting this site anymore, and now its playing again! oh and now a new one! and when i try and pause the video it makes a new page open to the videos site, real classy!

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